Everybody Needs a Little Time Away…

do you ever just hit that point in the winter …

when you really just need a little time away?  =)

Last weekend Abby and I slipped away for the 4 day weekend.

Thus my absence from the land o blog last week!

A girly trip to visit our beloved friends and family from here to BC.

It was refreshing and fun to slip away from routine and enjoy my little girl

and my sister and her daughter

and my friend and her daughter

and my sister-in-law and her daughter

we had some good laughs with family and friends… just me and my girl!  =)

As you can see… we were a little silly while we were away =)

I actually took pics for the scavenger hunt last week… I just never managed to post em…

I even took a bunch of food pics in hopes of sharing some of my gluten free menu items

oh well… =)  *maybe* I will get to that this week!?

Today… I will join this weeks Sunday Scavenger Hunt hosted by Ashley Sisk

because its fun… and I like it… and I love seeing what y’all come up with during the week!

such creative clever souls in this land o blog!

without further ado… this weeks Scavenger Hunt roundup…

Bliss, Gray, A Glimpse, Crossed and Handwritten

(please note my pics this week are not exactly my best …it was an off week for me)

Bliss (according to a 9 year old boy)

Homemade volcano + baking soda + vinegar = Bliss  =)

We studied rocks, landforms and the like recently …

this was the ‘icing’ on the cake for this round of Science/Geography lesson/session!


the weather has been “funky” the last couple weeks

where huge gray clouds blow in with wild wind

and then blow out as fast as they came

leaving behind blue sky and sun

every 20 minutes … 50 minutes… 2 hours… gray to blue…blue to gray…

crazy, funky weather lately!

(ps I took that picture while driving *gulp* out from under one of said gray clouds!)

A Glimpse

of Spring… I miss real Sunshine & warmth!  =)

Spring in a pot that is… here in Western Washington

we have snow falls, cold, rain, etc. etc. until early May…

it snows every April… no one believes me … but it IS true!  =)


Another Glimpse of “Spring”… kinda, sorta?

again… not my best picture… but what a beauty, eh??  =)

if only I had a fancy camera… *sigh*  (pitty party ..your invited) ha ha ha…

one day I will spend the money and indulge… one day…

anyway… this beauty flew over as I was filling the car up with gas

the same hour I drove out from under that gray cloud…

I took a quick shot of him so my little man with low vision could see what I saw…

and 10 minutes later… gray clouds and rain again!  =)


I love the crisscrossed look of a peanutbutter cookie!  =)

I have made three batches of these babies this week!

don’t worry… I didn’t eat them all…

2 batches are headed to our Bible Study group tonight!

want the recipe?  =)

1 c Peanutbutter, 3/4 c Sugar, 1 Tbsp Vanilla, 1 egg & 1/2 c Almond Meal

mix together & bake @ 350 for 10-12 minutes… YUM!  Bliss!  =)


My little girl hand wrote the funniest stick “man” comic today

not only did it make me laugh

but it made me proud of her fabulous sense of humor and wit!

I am a bit afraid to share the whole thing…

I know you all would enjoy it!!

but b/c of the possible copy factor…

even if I water marked the pictures..

it is so simple that ONE someone could hand copy it…

I have not experienced that kind of thing before (that I know of!!)

but I know folks who have… frightening really…

maybe I should have her send it to Family Fun Magazine??  =)

enough thinking out loud…

its time to pack up my crisscrossed cookies and head to Bible Study…

I’ll check in with y’all later!

Looking forward to catching up with you!



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