Butter Baby Butter

Just for the record…

because it IS a BIG one…

Yesterday was a Landmark day in our lives!!

My sweet man has been cancer free for 10 years!!

(later I will clip in a picture… I am on the wrong computer for that!!)  =)

10 years ago yesterday I left my 2 month old baby with family
and I drove my man to the hospital (once again)

to have (yet another) open chest surgery to remove his re-occuring cancer.
to remove more rib and muscle from his already scarred chest

His cancer was the kind of cancer that can only be cut out.
it was a blessing really.
to not have to go through chemo and radiation.

Those were not easy times in our lives…

My mom was battling a more severe cancer…
which she did not survive.
By God’s Mercy and Love we made it through those times.
and we are thankful for HIS Presence and Peace in our hearts.
We became Thankful for the little tiny daily things.
We are Thankful that we have celebrated 10 more Christmas’ together as a family!
Sometimes I forget my hubby is a cancer survivor…
I think because shortly after his 4th surgery…
my mom passed away.
and the memories of those times are not exactly ones you want to keep close to your heart…
you want to let them go and enjoy life today.
Not worrying about yesterday…
and trying not to worry about tomorrow.
a daily surrender.
I forgot about that land mark day yesterday…
it was my man who reminded me it was his 10 year mark!
A beautiful thing to be Cancer Free for 10 years!!

perhaps I should buy him a latte today??!!  (sh…)


crazy times.

moving on….

Let’s celebrate with butter shall we?!!

b is for butter

baby butter

can you tell how tiny those little butters are?

They are one of my NEW FAVORITE things!!

love love!!

Let me help you scale the size of these adorable baby butters!

this is half a stick of regular sized butter

Tillamook butter (my favorite butter)

These little tiny Land O Lakes baby butters

they are SO stinkin cute

they are as big as a bite sized peppermint patty

a little bigger than a date

and baby do I have a yummy recipe including those dates!!

weird I know.. dates are not my favorite snack…

but my mama’s Date Ball Cookies are SO yummy!

Every year my babies and I bake our favorite cookie recipe from both Grandma’s

and a couple of our own traditions… Gingerbread!!  Sugar cookies… both a must!!

I will try to work on the cookie recipes I am showing you today and post em tomorrow, K??!

back to scaling my baby butter…

3 little rolos

my lovely new favorite butter is the size of 3 rolos!!

I love them because many of my recipes call for 1/4 cup of butter

these little babies are 1/4 cup size!!

no more half sticks of butter left in my fridge!

so it IS a tiny bit of a hassle when you need a pound or 2 of butter…

lots of opening!!  ha ha

This weekend I baked my first Round of Christmas cookies

with a sweet, dear friend that has been in my life for more than 20 years!

I love you Sooz!! =)

We used a LOT of butter, flour and sugar

Joyful season, isn’t it?!

A time to forget you should be watching your cholestorol!!

kidding!!  I am being really good … I promise!!


Dough baby

yummy dough!!

Dough that we turned into “galaxy balls”

it is my mama’s date ball recipe modified

after we made the dough we made little balls and

poked a hole in it

that is the fun part

then one hides candy surprises in it!

rolls it back up

and bakes em!

when they come out of the oven nice and hot

one might roll em in powdered sugar while they are hot

don’t burn your fingers!

and dip them in crushed candy cane in this case!

you can dip them in colored frosting and sprinkle them too!

Thousands of ways to decorate & sweeten up a Galaxy Ball!!

hm… after discovering Bakerella this year…

I can imagine the candy melt coating on these as well…


Oh yummy… I heart Christmas cookies!!

MORE butter, more sugar, more flour, more pinches of salt

add a little red food coloring & peppermint extract

and we made candy cane dough

After we made the dough we divided it in half

and added food coloring to half

so we can do this

only try to avoid a floured surface… oops!

the first couple didn’t turn out so well…

because they were not moist

they had flour on them…

I am not a patient baker!!  =)



we pinched them and rolled them together

then we twisted them

one end twisting one way

the other end twisting another way



A candy cane!!

line em up

frost em with thin icing

this year I added peppermint flavoring to the icing

and candy cane

then we sprinkled more crushed candy cane

on the top of the icing

OH yum!!!


For the record All my cookies are nearly gone…

are yours gone Sooz??

its Wednesday

We baked on Sunday

I love Cookies.

The End.


I really need to get moving and a groovin!!

I have some Very Fun crafting to do for my kids classes in the next two days

my house still needs much of the decorating …

more cookies MUST be baked

home schoolin must happen… must stay educated!

Much to do!!

You know fun Christmasy family stuff …

plus real life…

it all MUST happen!

I will try to hop around later today b/c I NEED to see what y’all are up to!  =)

and I will try very hard to type out those recipes!

if you are interested in them??

Hope you are enjoying your families in the midst of this busy bustling Beautiful Christmas Season!

Ta Ta!!  Fa la la la la!


what is wrong with me today?  =)

18 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 LeAnna yazmış:

    Praise the Lord for 10 years cancer free! That is so awesome for your Hubby.

    I think those little butters are the cutest things ever!!!!!

  • 2 blueviolet yazmış:

    If you’re at the point where you forget sometimes that he had cancer, that is a beautiful, beautiful thing!

    I’ve tried those candy cane cookies with about a million recipes and they NEVER taste good to me! They always taste bland. I wonder why.

  • 3 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    10 years is a great landmark!

    I love candy cane cookies, maybe I’ll make them with my boys this year. I haven’t even decided what kinds of cookies I’m going to make yet

  • 4 kendra yazmış:

    I have been bakign too, and am proud that we haven’t eaten all the cookies, yet! My trick is to store them in the garage…its cold like a frig/freezer out there and they are out of sight! That way I pull them out for treat plates when we have company but they aren’t staring me in the face from the kitchen counter all day long!! Because, yum, I love cookies too!

  • 5 Beka yazmış:

    Okay, you totally have me starving.
    Thanks a lot, dear.
    Anyhow, those baby butters are adorable!!! My word!
    I’ve always loved butter, but baby butters? Awww.
    *laughs at self*

    Praise God for those 10-yr miracles:)

  • 6 theaikenite yazmış:

    What could be better than baby butter? Your post about your husband brought tears to my eyes.

  • 7 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    God is so good! I am so glad that you get to celebrate so many years cancer free! praise the Lord!

    And what better way to celebrate than with Christmas cookies? praise the Lord for those, too!

    I haven’t started my Christmas cookie baking. I need to. Inspire me more, Jenn…inspire me more…

  • 8 Julianne yazmış:

    YUMNYUMYUMN!! I am making cookies today…can’t wait to share!!

  • 9 dysfunctional mom yazmış:

    This post made me smile, your happiness & cheer just shine through! I love the baby butters, I’d never seen them before. I love little bitty things!

  • 10 Lee Ann L. yazmış:

    That is awesome that he is cancer free. 🙂

    I never heard of the smaller butter sticks. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them. They certainly would make my life easier!

  • 11 H-Mama @ Family Team yazmış:

    So glad to hear your hubs is still doing great after all these years. I’m sure you guys are looking forward to making many, many more! 🙂

  • 12 MarieElizabeth yazmış:

    Hooray for 10 free years!!!!

    Love those little butters, they really are stinkin’ cute.

  • 13 hershey's moma yazmış:

    I too am thankful for the tiny daily things. 10 years (for your hubs) is wonderful. Will you pray with us that the spot on the liver the Dr. found today at cancer check up will be nothing… the ultra sound is tomorrow. Cancer is a horrible walk.

  • 14 Julie yazmış:

    WOw…that is a milestone..and a blessing!!

    And look at you…all pioneer womanish…ranting about butter!! 😉

  • 15 Tammy yazmış:

    Congrats to W for being cancer free for 10 years!

    I have been running around here like a chicken with her head cut off. My very best friend is moving to Florida in a few weeks so we have been spending as much time as possible together…that is why I have been MIA.

    Busy, busy time of year!

  • 16 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    Wow…10 years is SO great, Jenn! Sending a high-five to your hubby now. XO!

  • 17 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    10 years cancer free – what a blessing!

    Mmmm…those cookies look good. You are always on the ball….I haven’t even bought the ingredients for my baking this year. What am I waiting for???

  • 18 Jean@MommyToTwoBoys yazmış:

    Congratulations on the 10 years! That is amazing. You husband and family will be in my thoughts.

    AND…you are so stinkin’ cute with those baby butters!!! I love them! And I can’t wait to make those surprise candy cookies, please tell me you put one of those Rolo’s in one?! I would die for that! I love rolos.

    And we are also going to make those candy canes. My kids will love making and eating those.