N is for Nine

Nine days people  =)

9   ~   N i N e

more days until Christmas morning…

the panic is settling in now  =)

crazy days of many crafts, art projects, helping in the kids classes, baking,

teacher gifts, neighbor “gifts”, shopping, Christmas letter still to write (*sigh*)

daily advent, regular life, home schoolin…

breathing…. slowly….

remembering the magic

remembering the love

remembering the beauty of it all

N is for Nativity scene…

Celebrating the Birth of our Savior Jesus Christ…

Nothing is more important during this busy season to us =)

Making sure our children grasp how deep the love of Jesus is.

Why he was born on Christmas morn….

Every year we read these “Nativity books” to them

and a lovely Away in a Manger book we have too… (not pictured) =)

This tradition always sparks conversation about God in our lives… beautiful!

N is for New traditions.

This year we will read the account of Jesus birth from the Bible.

I think they are ready for the Written Word in the Bible …

NO pictures !!


N is for New …

New Cell Phone

I was the girl  when cell phones were the new rage

what back in the early 90’s??  =)

who said ” I will NOT be a girl who can’t live without a phone”

“who needs a cell phone… sheesh…”

“we live just fine without them…”

” people can leave me a message on my home phone”

“Good Grief!! “

“what is wrong with this world?”

Yep… I said all those things

UNTIL I had a baby…

and then I realized being able to call my hubby

from the street by his office and say…

“hey honey, I am here to pick you up”

without having to drag the baby out of the car to get him


“hey honey, I will be late picking you up”


because I am always running behind

leaving him standing in the rain waiting an extra 10 minutes!

not nice

“hi honey, I forgot to put coffee creamer on the grocery list”

while he is already at the store buying milk at 9 pm =)


Cell phones really are wonderful…

(did I say that outloud?)

as long one is not being rude to the world around them while using it!!

I will NOT change my mind on that…

I hate seeing people NOT be friendly

for the sake of a cell call in the grocery line…

even the drive through at Starbucks!  really?


the clerk is a human who deserves respect and a friendly smile!

he/she is providing you with a service…

Be Nice!

(*cough* stepping down from my PLEASE be friendly box!!)

Seriously Smiling at a stranger can really make their day!

anyway…  the NEW cell phone….

N is for NO more home phone and NO more  CABLE …

bub bye TV!  bub bye extra phone bill …

Our New phones are Christmas gifts for each other…

my in-laws give us cash gifts every year

we bought these babies

yep… NOT one… but two =)

NO contract phones

and No contract plans are incredible!

which is the route we are going… (CHEAP!!)

Hubby rarely uses his phone for talking

(geek computer genius)

he will use his for coding Apps for android phones (its true)

he will mostly text and use the Internet/data plan

$25 a month!!  SaWeet!

Me?  I need to talk to the doctor,

the school, the children’s friends moms,

the chiropractor, the dentist,

the neighbors, my friends, family…

you know… I will TALK more…

For $40 … I get…

1200 minutes, unlimited texting, internet, data…

facebook, blogging!!

N  is  for    N n n n  I c e !!

never mind…

N is for Nana

I caught her waking up the other day

she rips the heads off mice with those sharp little teeth

Nice, eh?

Lovely kitty

I am finding NASTY treasures in my yard lately

You can thank me later for leaving those N pictures out!!  ha ha!

Bad naughty Kitty…

Why did she decide it was acceptable to start ripping up her “treasures” ?!

Nasty Nasty kitty!!  *shudder*


disgusting kitty!

(I am done)

Back when she just brought us the whole Mole  (ha ha)

or the whole squirrel (yep)

or the whole Bat (yep I said bat)

or the whole mouse

I had NO idea how great that was

to have a dead animal lying in my yard… whole

NO parts…

my life was “good back then” …


life is so complicated…  =)

every day we have to sweep the yard for Nasty treasures…

little animal parts…

before we can let Merlin out…

or we will find him chewing on disgusting things…

(I am sorry I really am… THIS is my real life people…)

Do NOT … I repeat…

DO NOT get a Cat

If you do … don’t let it outdoors !!

Never mind

Nana could care less what I think

she is just going to lay there ON my Christmas decorations

and have a bath

We still love you Nana!!

I took those pics with my “New” camera …

remember my NEW camera from my birthday at the beginning of the month?

these pics of Nana are the only successful pictures I took…

the detail on her tongue… (weird but so cool)

and her whiskers…

her NOSE

and the fur on her feet…


I returned it.

the New Camera.

I was struggling with it…


it made me NERVOUS!

I will explain that saga another day…

maybe when my 2nd New camera arrives…

As a blogger you gotta love the Camera drama.

I told you…

my life is complicated.

Never mind…

I have other things to focus my attention on…


there are only

NINE more days   =)

I NEED put on my boots (my RAIN boots)

and go shopping!!

oh… wait…

I have a child to educate!  =)

I am so close to being done!

SO close!

Is it just me …

or is it really hard to manage time during this wonderful Christmas season

and squeeze in blog time this month???  =)

I miss blogging when I can’t find the time!

and I hate that I have a billion blog posts that never made it to the “big screen”  …

ha ha!

Hope to catch up with y’all real soon

and see what kind of fun you have managed to post  =)

during this wonderfully busy Christmas season!


I am really going to get ready to go see my little girls first band concert today!!

13 minutes long!!  she plays the quiet instrument …

well she will feel the love and support anyway!

I get to hear her and only her play at home!!  he he  =)

Have a Beautiful Day  !!


18 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    I too swore I’d never have a cell phone. I haven’t gotten a fancy one yet, but I don’t go anywhere without my phone now. great N pictures… and 9 is not enough days for all that is left to do!

  • 2 Julie yazmış:

    Ah…the smart phone! Have fun! I love watching youtube videos while I’m “waiting”…and seems like I’m always sitting somewhere..waiting! haha

  • 3 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    Okay, first you got me panicking about 9 more days until the Big day! Oh my….I’m so not ready.
    Then the part about the cell phone was good, took my mind off of Christmas panic. I don’t have a fancy phone yet 🙁 Maybe one day. And I totally agree about the rude people out there on their phones ALL THE TIME!
    Then you got me all grossed out with the dead animal talk!
    And of course you had to end it again with the panic attack! Sheesh, I better get off the computer and get busy!

  • 4 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    We are counting down here!! Soooo fun. LOVE the kitty pics…but we are strictly indoors with our fur babies. They have no idea what they’re missin’. 🙂

  • 5 MarieElizabeth yazmış:

    Wow, I’m exhausted just reading that! Fantastic list, love the cat tongue photo. I’m still in the 9 days panic mode myself. How did this happen, how did I get so far behind?!

  • 6 Ashley Sisk yazmış:

    Your cat could be Kitty Paw’s twin!

  • 7 Jen yazmış:

    Wow! I love this post. Full of so much N things. Love the phones an love what you get for $40. What service is it that you have?
    Love the cat and that her name is Nana! Our cat stays indoors so no creatures…but our old cat brought us a hlaf dead snake once.EEEk!
    ( 9 more days…Sheesh…I got a lot to do!)

  • 8 hersheys moma yazmış:

    I don’t have a smart phone and I’m the girl who likes phones but have said *never* to a smart phone. No internet service all week at my house could really make me change that never thought… Happy 9 more days!!

  • 9 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    Jenn, I just got a new phone two weeks ago!!!! My old one was REALLY old! I didn’t get the internet plan – my gets internet, but I told the guy to block it (but he didn’t…I have to get him to do that yet…since it’s not on our plan, it costs a small fortune…)
    We’re getting the kids phones for Christmas with unlimited texting. They’ve never had phones before. This should be totally fun!
    Stop by my blog and enter this weekend for my new giveaway – a children’s book on the nativity. The author sent me a copy to give away.

  • 10 Barb Phillips yazmış:

    thanks for the reminder that I have just a few days left to get things wrapped up. Great story, wonderful photos that really help add to the feeling. Thank you for sharing and playing along on the ABC photo challenge.

  • 11 Jean@MommyToTwoBoys yazmış:

    I too got a smart phone just last month and I am obsessed. I mean obsessed. It makes life easier. But the games, oh the games, sucking up my free time.

    Oh, and I’m a day late so it’s now 8!!!

  • 12 Patti yazmış:

    Wow! Only 9 more days?! Yikes! I love the Nativity reference…lovely!

  • 13 naomig yazmış:

    I have a blackberry–and I LOVE that dumb thing. LOVE it. It’s only 7 days now–freaking out for sure.

    Thanks for taking time to visit me even though your swamped!! Love your comments. 🙂

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  • 14 Jenn Erickson/Rook No. 17 yazmış:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful traditions, your adorable kitty, and cell phone adventures! Merry Christmas! Warmest wishes, Jenn

  • 15 liz yazmış:

    Nine is my favorite number, so that’s a perfect N for me.

    My mom has a no contract phone, and it is perfect for her!

  • 16 Liz @ Sugarplum Creations yazmış:

    Yep, I was also the girl who never was going to rely on a cell phone. Now I don’t leave the house without it!

    Can’t believe we’re so close to Christmas!!

  • 17 Heather@myeverydaygraces yazmış:

    Ditto on the cell phone… I am still not too reliable on it. I find myself not answering the phone more than answering it.

    Cute kitty:)

  • 18 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    You are too funny with these posts. Love it. Yikes on the Christmas countdown. So close.
    Love the cat yawn picture and the new cell phones are way cool.