Christmas crafting, baking and Pirates

So I was baking pumpkin bread yesterday
which had nothing to do with Christmas crafts

or baking
or pirates
until I started to hear this:

“aye matey…”

“and then he blew off her mothers arm”




“agrrr… and then this guy had to walk the plank”


“yeah… and then he was eaten by a shark”

(or something like that)

both kids


(**insert sound effects like cannons and guns**)

of course at this point I had to investigate!

sorry about the blurry pictures…long story!

…camera drama…

I am using my old broken camera again…


No worries… my new one should arrive today!  =)


my littles had this fabulous pirate world going on

on the stairs  =)

complete with knights and cannons

I think the knights were supposed to be protecting this family


it looks like a pirate managed to get into camp

and is now hiding under that sleeping little boy!


Abby was keeper of the animals

she will be tending to animals all the days of her life!

little animal lover!   =)

don’t look too closely under the stairs

I think there is a dead guy under there!!


it must have happened when this knight feel asleep at his post?

apparently the badger was no help at all !

this blurry little guy must be a young knight

he didn’t seem to be helping either

hiding behind his shield!

No wonder mom’s arm got blown off!!


this pirate seems innocent enough

standing there with his parrot

but you can never trust a pirate


or your arm might get blown off!!

or you might have to walk the plank!

Sad but true

you probably can not even trust Johnny

*swoon*  =)


Pirates are climbing the walls!!

Carry on knights!

just please try not to blow off mom’s arm again!

I need them to wrap YOUR Christmas presents!


(how does one spell kapeesh?)  ha ha!!


What a great way to start Christmas break!

That was only Monday morning fun!!

Cookie parties and play dates consumed our afternoon!

I love this week before Christmas!

(especially when my shopping is done!!!)

we will be playing pirates



having another cookie party with friends

our week is full of fun with friends

and enjoying NO School!!  =)

wrapping pressies

I LOVE wrapping presents!

Once upon a time I used to wrap with hot chocolate with candy cane in it

NOW… Decaf with Irish Cream!!

its tradition!!  =)

I am so thankful for time to play!!

** since my shopping is all done**


So though Pirates shouldn’t really have

anything to do with Christmas…

I just couldn’t help but post this pirate world!

I love finding my kids playing like that!!

only now…

I need to recover from my pirate wounds!

Stay away from Christmas pirates!!

Just sayin… you might loose an arm!  =)

Hope you all are enjoying family and friends this week!

Do you all have any pirate fun planned this week?!!  =)

Are you last minute shoppers …

or are you done as well?!

or were you done weeks ago?…

(don’t tell me the truth if you were!!)

ha ha!


we cut back our giving list this year


with extended family and “family friends”

Whew!!  It made a HUGE difference!!  =)

that is my secret this year!


our Christmas cards are going to be New Years cards…

via email even this year!!

*sigh*  I confess… I am NOT perfect!  ha!


the kids and I went internet shopping for the hubby!

love it!!

took us 20 minutes!!

I could probably even tell you what we got him..

b/c he rarely reads my blog!!

but I won’t… just in case!

My point is…

I have been trying to SIMPLIFY our Christmas this year

bringing us back to one of the most important commands Jesus gave…

loving one another!

spending  more time with the family and friends God has blessed us with!


I have 4 kids today…

and some fun Christmas crafting to do!!

Maybe tomorrow I will show you some of our Christmas crafty fun…

I have not been good about getting any Christmas recipes or crafty things up these days!!

*alas*  tis a busy time of year!

back to that not being perfect… *snicker, snicker*  =)

Blessings y’all … Enjoy whatever it is you need (get) to do this week!!


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