A wintery Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1.  Winter

this one I am kinda cheating…

my son took this pic on my birthday (Dec3)

you see my sister Linda has NEVER been pictured on my blog yet!!

really?  how can that be??


for exactly 40 days…

in Winter…

Linda and I are both 40!!!

yep.  same age for only 40 days every year!!

my poor mama had one baby in Jan of 1970 (her)

and another baby in Dec of 1970 (me) !!

2 babies in 11 months… YIKES!

Since we have NO snow right now…

and SNOW is Winter … right?

I was forced to dig in recent archives!

I found this picture of me wearing my favorite winter scarf…

it was just too cool not to take the opportunity to post this fun fact about me

the first day of my sister and I both being 40… for 40 days!!  =)

alright… I am done.

2.  Wind

I could not manage to get both flags flying out at the same time!! =)

not a great picture either!

3.  Remember When

the Avon lady used to come visit your mommy

in the 70’s

and she would bring little tiny green lip stick samples?

they were SO cool!!

oh… you don’t remember this?

and she brought your mommy perfume in cute little bottles…

and they ALL had that same round ball on the top?

back in the 70’s …

don’t you remember that?


what?  you weren’t even alive in the 70’s?



4.  Black and White with selective coloring

my mommy left this ornament to one of my babies

just weeks before she died

she made a list

giving each of us girls a few of her treasures

she didn’t have much

but I love these little things that remind us of her

I miss her like crazy at Christmas time…


5.  Framed

my  baby girl 10 years ago…

with all that dark thick hair!!

I love that my babies had thick hair!

y’all know I can’t pick one framed picture

of only one of my babies!

this little peanut was very jaundiced

and had poor circulation

he really isn’t that white…


a picture of a picture is always worse…

it was sunny June and …

he looks like we had him out in the snow in December

in that onesie!!


I have to leave you with this framed picture…

we lived in a little rich community back then

it was a blink of an eye … kinda small village

we rented the basement of a nearly 1,000,000 dollar home…

it is how they roll in BC, Canada…

renting the basement floors…

smart really.


the community had Santa come to the village hall on a fire truck

We went… but

we didn’t really know if we wanted to “do the Santa thing” or not

so when Abby asked who the big fat man in red was

we said…oh Santa… he gives kids candy canes at Christmas…

and that was that…

until the next year…

when Aunt Kelly gave her the Polar Express Story book…

and the church bells down the road rang out

while I was reading her the last page

the page where he heard the bells but his parents didn’t

MAGICAL moment!!

My little girl went running to bed yelling

“hes weal… hes weally weally weal”

(he’s real, he’s really really real”)

and she hopped into bed so he would come!

Santa became a part of our story that night…

though that was the ONLY year she went anywhere Near him!!  ha ha!

Speaking of Christmas time:::

6 more days folks!!

Still so much blissful fun to have!!

We are mostly excited everyone in our wee family are healthy

well..enough to go to finally go to church for the first time in Dec!!…

ONCE in December before the Christmas service is better than none!!  (sheesh!)

I Hope your 6 more days are Merry and Bright!!

Go build a memory with someone you love!



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