M is for Memories in the Making

I have been a huge blog slacker lately

and I am even slacking on photography fun

This Weeks Alphabet Challenge

is brought to you by the Letter M

most of these shots were taken with my old broken camera

I have not had MANY opportunities to use my New Camera

Frankly, I am having a frustrating week with it!!

blah blah blah…

I am stretching it a bit with the letter M

Memories from My 40th Birthday ~ last Friday

M is for Mommy ~   that’s ME!

Dinner on a classy lavender table  =)


We always go to dinner at the restaurant choice of the birthday person

The mommy picked  a classy restaurant keeping everyone happy!

the love of a mommy with picky eaters!


On my 40th birthday

I wanted to build a memory with my wee family

Everyone agreed it would be fun to grant my wish

painting ornaments at The Painted Plate!!

MY little Man SaMMy painted a gingerbread boy

it looks like it was painted by a Little boy….. so it was!!

his art skills need a little attention!!  =)

Sweet boy!

*cough, cough*

his teacher will work on that next month!

My oldest child painted a bone

for her 1  1/2  year old puppy MERLIN

because that kid LOVES  her animals!!  =)

Sweet girl!

My Man painted a geek hacker code on a winter sweater!!

and… he is wearing a “Red Hat” shirt!

Red Hat is a Linux thing.

Linux is a free software program only geeks use.  ha ha!

for the record I LOVE being married to MY geek!!

even if he does make me use Linux!  =)

He is a genius ~  really!

Geek is short for genius… don’t ya know?


Me, Myself and I…

we painted a traditional ornament

with a wee bird and snowman on it

It was a wonderful way to spend my birthday!!

speaking of Merlin

I have neglected him  on my blog lately

He has been in the Christmas spirit too!

blurry little ornament stealer

NOW …most of our ornaments are on the top 2/3rds of the tree!

M is for…. MERLIN!!!

imagine that being said in the same tone as “ALVIN!!

He is exhausting!

I just want you to know …for the record…

if Monster Merlin even hears my man stir in the house

he is VERY well behaved!!

and or he immediately STOPS in his tracks when he is being naughty!!

dang dog!!

I trained the MUTT!!

why does he torture ME??

I scold him, I discipline him, I ground him to his crate!!

RUDE!!  just rude.

just saying!  =)

sorry… where was I?

M is for Merry!

Merry and bright

Making Memories decorating the tree!  =)

the day after my birthday!

I have issues with the tree being up ON my birthday

its a childhood thing

that I never addressed in therapy!  =)


My MIND is always Meandering

(is that spelled right? I am too lazy to look it up!)

M is for Manager

A Beautiful Little Manger ornament from Israel

the birth place of our Lord Jesus    =)

carved in wood from an Olive tree or maybe it was fig?

I have to say this…

One has to appreciate this tiny little fact…

There were/are palm trees all over the land where Jesus was born

and yet…

we use pine trees.

Just sayin!!



One Last “M” for the day


and Must have drinks

its been one of those kind of weeks!  =)

Sore throats, sniffles, coughing, stuffy head, ear infections…

On the up side of things

the blessing is

when one’s  monkeys are 10 and 8 …

weeks like these are More Manageable than when they were babes!

Hope Your Weekend is Full

of Merry and Bright Memories in the Making!



13 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Julie yazmış:

    Ah..cute cute! I use to truck my way over to our local pottery painting place and paint an ornament for each of my children every year. Hmm…that ended about 3 years ago. Maybe we should make it a “family” tradition…minus Luke!!

  • 2 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    M is for mmmmmm, those candies in the background look yummy! Ahem, I digress. I love the ornament from Israel, how beautiful! And how fun to go and make your own ornaments. What a great memory you will be reminded of each year! Hope ya’ll are feeling better soon. We are going through a round of colds here too. BLAH.

  • 3 Rochelle yazmış:

    Love your M shots. I really like the picture of you.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  • 4 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    great M pictures. your Merlin stories make me laugh. isn’t it just like every other child… when the person who is not home all day comes home the behavior changes. Hope everyone is feeling more themselves and soon

  • 5 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    Love the ornament. OMGosh I haven’t seen Tang in forever. Happy late Birthday. I am a bad blog friend. So crazy busy this week. Ugh.
    You are so pretty. Great pictures of you.

  • 6 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    Did not know they still made Tang!

    Looks like a wonderful birthday!! And, I love that you guys all went painting. What a fun idea. That bone ornament is adorable, too!

  • 7 MarieElizabeth yazmış:

    What a great list, Sounds like fun was had by all!

  • 8 liz yazmış:

    First of all, happy 40th birthday! Second, we do the same thing for birthdays. the birthday person gets to pick and we go out.

    Merlin looks like a spaniel, and i love spaniels!

  • 9 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    Our animal loving girls would get along so well together, seriously!
    Love the ornaments!
    And, Angel obeys Mike better than anyone…what is up with that???

  • 10 bluecottonmemory yazmış:

    Happy 40th Birthday! WooHoo! Next year, you need to plan my birthday! I want to go to the pottery place to paint tea-cups but I think my boys are just to grown up now! Sigh!

    My guy is kind of a geek, too! They are the best! LOL
    Merry Christmas!

  • 11 Barb Phillips yazmış:

    Love the M photos and I can totally relate with the Med photos, looks just like my counter top.

  • 12 Renegades yazmış:

    Memories are great!

  • 13 Jana yazmış:

    Im catching up here and I laughed hard, I cried (25 cent xmas tree story) and I want to hug Merlin really bad. I love spaniels!!! Clarie is a cockapoo, half cocker spaniel half poodle. We went with a mix because John is allergic with a capital A. She unfortunately is super grumpy around other dogs, LOVES PEOPLE TO PIECES but her mustache gets all twitchy around dogs :(. Im ashamed. It was so nice to hear from you. Your comments made my day! Never stop blogging I love your posts. xoxo Jana