Let the blogging begin…

Hello bloggers!  My name is Jenn –  I am looking forward to this wild world of blogging! I decided my first blog will share why I am naming my blog ‘Seizing My Day’ … For the last decade this catch phrase sort of sums up my hope for each of my days… with the help of a loving God  (I can not claim to do this on my own strength!)  each day I attempt to  seize opportunities to love, laugh, enjoy, embrace, teach, learn, encourage, listen, explore and so so much more – the possibilities are endless!  Successfully seizing even moments in my day gives my heart and mind contentment and peace in this crazy world we live in.  Carolyn Arends sings a song called Seize the Day …. a song that has often inspired me  to Seize My  Day 😉  She has a beautiful voice and the Lyrics speak straight to my heart… “life slips away just like hourglass sand….pray for grace from God’s hand that nothing will stand in your way….seize the day” …Too often I allow my day to slip away without seizing opportunities… with my husband, my kids, my family, my friends….   On the same album Carolyn Arends sings another song called New Years Day….. the lyrics saying… “Everyday is New Years Day”… which also speaks right to my heart & my mind set!  Every day is a new day… every day is a chance to Seize My Day… to choose to live life to its fullest.  Since I am beginning this blogging journey in January of a brand new decade… I am choosing to call it ‘Seizing My Day’  to give myself daily inspiration.  My desire is to seize daily opportunities to be a great mommy, a loving wife, a better housekeeper!, a wonderful friend, a good neighbor, a faithful child of God, an encourager…and so much more!  Too often I get caught up in my busy life and I overlook opportunities to seize precious moments – moments that could otherwise become precious memories or moments which could build character in myself and those around me.

Wow I am feeling a little intimidated to click enter and allow my thoughts to become public!  So here I am seizing the chance to blog with you today!  Thank you for being patient with me as I figure out how to spill my thoughts publicly and as I figure out how to navigate my way through setting up my own page – as well as linking myself into the bloggers world!  Thanks for visiting me today!    I am hoping to link Carolyn Arends song on my page with this post… wish me luck!


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