Mondays Motivate Me

Truth be told, they really don’t!  I love my weekends ~ which are usually spent with my family taking some sort of adventure or tackling a project together!  Monday is always sort of dreaded as the day the weekend ended… making me sigh as I crawl out of bed on Monday morning!  Wanting to be true to my hearts desire to Seize My Days, I decided I will think of Mondays as Motivation days.  Monday is the start of a fresh new week, a week in which I can seize opportunities to love, laugh, teach, learn, tackle, enjoy, bless and be blessed… seizing moments one day at a time!

In my first post I talked about two of Carolyn Arends songs… what can I say? … her lyrics inspire me … the song New Years day is about every day being New Years Day… every day is a chance to start a resolution… to Seize the Day!  I like it!  Every day IS new years day! (I have never like new ‘years’ resolutions because they intimidate me!)   Anyway, a gal called into Spirit 105.3 (our local Christian radio station)  saying she was going to skip a New Years Resolution and set one resolution a month instead.  Brilliant!  After hearing her idea, I thought, hey… I can do that on my blog!???  That is what gave me the final nudge to get this blog up and running!  This weekend my wonderful techy husband helped me open a Word Press blog page and the rest of my spare time this weekend was spent realizing I have SO much to learn about setting up a blog!  😉  So I am rethinking my 12 months of resolutions… perhaps I will attempt to make weekly goals to tackle my real hearts desire ~ to Seize My Day!   This weeks goal will be focused on learning to build my blog into a welcoming site!   Yesterday – after some frustrating moments – my faithful husband helped me post a button for you to take if you wish and he helped me learn how to link other bloggers to my site!  Slowly, I am browsing other bloggers sites and beginning to steal use  great ideas I have found.   I hope that is acceptable blogging practices!!   Advise is always welcome!  Please join me in my journey!~ Grab my button and let me know you visited!   I hope my rambling words gave you something to think about how you view Mondays!


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  • 1 Julie Kemp yazmış:

    That is what I did my 40th year – a goal for every month and I loved it! I accomplished SO much!!

    Good for you – good luck!