Weekend Adventures

Today I am driving north with my favorite hubby (oh wait… I only have one! LOL!) Anyway… we are waking up early, the kids will have hot cocoa and us grownups will have our much needed coffee,  we will take along yummy homemade chocolate banana bread and head North to see my husbands family in Canada.  Our weekend hopes include lots of fun with grandma and grandpa and the cousins – who are very good friends with our kids!  I love that they are such good friends!  Maybe us adults will have fun too!  We are hoping to take the kids ice skating … it will be our 7 year old son’s first ice skate… and our 9 year old daughters second skate.  So much fun!!  I had the chance to take just my daughter  in November when we were visiting good friends on Vancouver Island, BC… and she LOVED it!  And of course I forgot my camera for that great photo opp!  I love ice skating too, though, I have only been on the ice a few times myself.   I hope it becomes a fun memory and we can all keep ourselves in one piece!  We are also considering a sledding adventure with the whole gang…. it will be a bigger adventure… and the weather has to be nice to us… or we might  invade the local pool instead!  There are really fun swimming pools in BC for kids, they often have slides or wave pools!  Perhaps next week I will have some fun photos to post of our wee little adventures.   Our kids are not the most ‘daring’ actually … quite the opposite…. but we continually encourage exploring and new adventures!  It is fun to see them take ‘risks’ – no matter how small and try new things.  They often enjoy themselves along the way!  I love Saturdays…Saturdays are usually our family fun day… Seizing the Day to enjoy our day together!  I hope your weekend brings you a chance to find  fun adventures in your days!

p.s.   I probably will not be ‘here’ to post on Sunday… or Monday… as our weekend adventures might not allow me the opportunity to join the blogging world.  I will see ya all on Tuesday!  Have a Great Weekend!

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