Tuesday’s “tale” … Remembering Mom

Today I am finding it hard to blog about something light hearted… I hope you don’t mind if my ‘tale’ for the day is a bit ‘sad’.  Today would have been my mom’s 61st birthday.  In 2001, when my baby girl was just a few months old, my mom lost her life to cancer.  There are so many things I wish I had said to her, so many things I wish I had done with her when she was with us, so many things I might have done differently, and  so many things that I don’t get to do with her as I raise my own children… These are all my thoughts and feelings… but I can not allow myself to let those thoughts be what comes to mind when I think of her.   I prefer to choose to smile at the memories I cherish, as those are the thoughts that bring my heart peace.  Those memories also inspire me to create some of those same memories with my own children.  I love to tell my kids every year…. “Grandma Norma used to make this craft”… or “Grandma Norma used to make these cookies”  … or “Grandma Norma used to wrap us the most beautiful little packages on Valentines Day”.  My heart definitely grows sad at times… However…  it brings me joy to bring her into our lives by baking cookies with her recipe cards & baking bowls or by helping my kids do a craft she helped me with when I was about their age.  Grandma Norma has not been a physical part of my kids lives, but we bring her into our lives as much as we can!  Today, on my mom’s birthday I will take my kids to lay a rose on her headstone… and then perhaps we will come home and bake Snickerdoodles from her recipe box.   I miss my mom dearly, but I am grateful she left me with fond memories to share and re-create with my own little ones.

Tuesday’s  ‘tip’ or encouragement for January 19 is to find a memory that makes you smile about your loved ones…. If you have the opportunity – call them and tell them how much you love that memory!   If you are in my shoes and you can not… try bringing a fond memory to life!   I share memories with my kids now… wishing my mom knew how much I remember about the little things she did to make my life a little more fun!  I hope that one day my kids will look back at certain things I do and smile…  just as I do when I think of my mom.


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    I miss my mom terribly too! She passed on just before I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter back in ’06. She has never met my children, held them, laughed with them or told them stories, and my heart aches for that. I understand how you feel.