Happy~ness … Wednesday’s Word

I know Happy-ness is not spelled right… I like the letter ‘y’… I hate giving it up!

Yesterday as I was blog surfing one of my new favorite bloggers “My Little Life” posted on Happiness.  OK… I will spell it correctly!  I liked it so much I decided it would be my word today! Happy comes to each of us in our own way…

My Happy~ness is :

My wonderful hubby waking me with coffee in bed every day

My kids sweet faces

Laughter .. especially the kind that makes you cry!

God’s unfailing love for me

My beautiful curious naughty puppy

Wonderful friends

Coffee… good strong coffee with cream and sugar

A Grande Hazelnut Latte with no foam… YUM!

Giggles from my kids

‘Hearing’ my kids mature in knowledge and heart …  my heart smiles knowing I contributed to that!

Homeschooling my son

days, weeks or months without any medical hiccups!

Watching my little girl play soccer

Expensive chocolate… melt in your mouth, smooth chocolate!

Spending less than $150 at the grocery store and feeling like I bought enough food for the week!

Staying home to raise my kids

Bed time

My bed


Warm Sunny Beaches

Vacations!  Adventures with my family … endless fun!

Listening to my funny husband read to our kids! Priceless Happyness!

Date nights with my hubby

Long walks with the sun shining on my face (cold and wind are allowed …with the sun!)

Did I mention Warm Sunny Beaches… 😉 I love love LOVE  being at the beach!

I could go on and on and on….   I ramble!    I will spare you!

What brings You Happy~ness?!!!

I know I don’t have a huge following …yet… but I hope for at least one comment!!  😉  Thanks for stopping by Happy Wednesday!


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