Think Food Thursdays – Think Thai Peanut Turkey StirFry

Monday I bought Turkey Breast Strips for the first time.  It is a heart healthy meat so I thought I would give it a try.. and hey… I didn’t have to cut it up.. .it was already cut into tiny stir fry strips for me!  Love it!  Since I LOVE Thai Peanut Sauce…I thought that would be the best way to try the new ‘meat’.  It was delicious!!   Here is how I cooked it!

You will need:

1 lb. of Turkey Breast strips – (Jenni-O)

1/3 cup Top Foods Brand – Full Circle – Organic – Thai Peanut Satay Sauce.  Yummy!

3 carrots

3 celery stalks

1/2 red pepper

1/2 purple onion

usually we use ‘baby’ corn in the can – but we were out! sniff!

and 1/2 cup cashews (we were out of those too – NUTS! are the best part!)

2 cloves of garlic

oregano, sage, thyme … any yummy herbs!

Chop all veges ahead of time I like them sliced thin… as they cook faster!  Turkey is already chopped – yippie!  Start rice – I used Brown Rice for the grown ups (45 minutes) and white rice (20 minutes)  for our picky kids!  So timing is everything… I started the brown rice – gave it 15 minutes before starting the white rice.  Once the white rice is started … then Satay the turkey in a drizzle of olive oil and herbs until pink is gone.  Cover and set aside.  Satay veggies, garlic and cashews  in a little olive oil to desired crisp or softness.  Place turkey back on to reheat – in my house I remove some plain turkey for the kids now as they don’t like the sauce YET – then add Thai Peanut sauce to turkey strips and heat for 2-3 minutes.  I serve the kids only the veggies they will eat (celery, carrots, corn and cashews) Then I mix the turkey and veggies together… serve over rice … and enjoy!  We used to love adding a little crushed red pepper to it as well… spice is not always my friend these days… so I left that part out!   OK.. I am going to add a few VERY unprofessional pictures of our dinner – remember we were out of nuts and baby corn which would have made the dinner and pictures more yummy!   It was still delicious … I will use those turkey strips again… they are not too expensive $5.99? and turned out to be a great dinner!  Ah yes I forgot to say … my kids love honey or maple syrup on their meat! This  Recipe feeds a family of 4.  What is your favorite Satay or Stir Fry???

Top Foods Organic Brand

The Kids Meal (minus corn and cashews)

Man sized portions! (I should eat half this with a salad!) ~ 'should' 😉

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