Aloha Friday – How do you order your coffee?

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend.  Since I love Hawaii ….  on Fridays I will take it easy from posting along with Kailani from   I’ll ask a simple question ~  Please join the fun and tell us your answer to the question!   I am a baby blogger & I hope to connect with you amazing encouraging bloggers!  Please join me on my new blogging journey ~ comments and followers are encouraged!

Coffee!  I LOVE my coffee… sweet and creamy……  since I was a little girl   (no kidding.. my sister &  I fought over dad’s thermos regularly!)  At 17 I became a ‘coffee snob’…  I was introduced to a local roaster that makes the best coffee … buh bye  Denny’s ! Shamefully,  coffee is required to wake me… required!  I had a few roommates who handed me coffee in bed to wake me every morning (including my Hubby!)  Spoiled, yes, they found it less obnoxious than listening to me snooze my alarm all morning!  How embarrassing! Then I met the Latte!!  Pure Bliss in a Mug!   When I was pregnant … once I could hold down a coffee… I learned how to order a ‘high maintenance’ latte… decaf, sugar free, low fat, no foam, grande hazelnut latte please… whew!   Who knew ordering a coffee could be so complicated!  I almost feel guilty that I know how to order a ‘high maintenance’ latte!  My obsession with coffee has earned me two regularly used titles over the years… ‘coffee addict’ and ‘coffee snob’….  I can live with that… can you?!    My drink of choice is a grande, 2 pump, 2 %, hazelnut latte with no foam please!

How do you order your coffee??

Aloha! Jenn~

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