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MamaM. from My Little Life is having this fabulous birth stories blog hop today! I love birth stories!  Here I am… Late!!  (I am always late!!) Morning has come and gone (I had a root canal yesterday… not my best morning!) 3:00 pm Westcoast time is still enough time to join the fun!  right?! Its a long story… pictures are at the end!!

My “Not So Favorite” Birth Story is yep –  ‘my story’ !

A little over 9 years ago… After 9 full months of nausea, puking, flu like symptoms 24/7, high blood pressure, high sugars, yada, yada, yada!  Carrying my babies was worth it… but not as ‘blissful’ as I had dreamed!  not really blissful at all!  So…

3 weeks before I was due… at a typical doctors visit… my blood pressure was taken and we were sent straight to the hospital… Yikes!! Doctors were waiting to induce me right when I got there!!! (thank goodness my hubby was with that day!)  My blood pressure was 160 / 96?   I was close to my due date…but anxiety rose and blood pressure rose a bit more!

At the hospital I was hooked up to IV, given pitocin and huby was sent home to ‘rest’ for the night… They told him I would probably take ‘a while’ …  After 6 hours of pitocin and nothing happening to my body.. pitocin levels went up. 6 more hours and nothing still!  Next was a ‘gel’ to get my body to cooperate.  The side effect makes you feel … um… ‘raw’ inside after they use it down there… LOVELY…So, I was at a teaching hospital!  At first I was ‘nice’ and let ‘trainees’ look and (yep) touch – no shame after having birth – I tell ya!  1-2 hours later – 1st check after the gel… can you say … OWE… I made it very clear after that – NO ONE who didn’t NEED to touch would be touching anything!! Raw indeed!  Hubby is back … we are a good 12-16 hours in… I am having contractions – slightly painful… baby was not going anywhere NEAR the ‘hole’… so absolutely NO dilating was occurring!  Really?!  (Remember I am already weary of a flu-like feeling pregnancy for 9 mo… these were not pretty moments for me!)  The NEXT step was to place a ‘balloon’ inside um… “there” … a mock baby head… Remember ladies… I am feeling a little ‘raw’ down below… OUCH does not even describe how I felt!  and nope… no pain meds allowed!  ugh!  1 more hour & in goes the balloon! Contractions are painful now…  they faithfully check me every hour? and NOTHING… barely 2 centimeters? weary weary weary! 24 plus hours in… I am weary, exhausted, sick, raw, in pain, begging for meds or a c-section.  CRAZY!  I have seen 2 doctor/nurse crews come and go… countless people looking at and touching my body… I was SO done!  Still… no sympathy… none!  You see the c-section rate was high that year – so doctors were encouraged to pursue natural child birth at the weary expense of us poor helpless laboring mommies!  So they made the balloon bigger and increased the pitocin again!  The end is near – I promise! 30-36 hours in I was having giant contractions with NO break and NO dilating!!!  Can you believe it?! The worst, most embarrassing part… I flipped out… I was literally trying to crawl out of my own skin!  In and out of bed… around the room… up and down off the floor… I was crawling the walls… trying to get out of my own body!  Insanity was close at hand! I remember seeing my husbands face … and the nurse… they didn’t know what to do … within minutes 6 -7 people were in the room and I was being started (FINALLY) on the spinal nerve block… This was comical…. Doc. “Can you feel this poke” … Me. “Yes” … Doc. “You can feel the poke not just pressure”  … Me “Yes”… Doc. “here on your arm this is poke and this is pressure… are you sure you feel the poke” … Me.  “YES – I feel the head of your needle pricking on my skin” the spinal tap did not work!!  ( I am having this conversation with him while in pain with my giant contraction that would not stop!) Untrusting, he moves on to the ‘ice trick’ …we went through the entire conversation again with ice … cold vs. wet feeling… I am not sure how long it took me to convince him to pull it out and do it again… oh… maybe it was since I could still use my legs!!  ha ha!  OK… 40 hours into horrible, awful, painful, induced labor … all for …um… nothing!  Kid you not… the spinal caused the babies heart rate to drop!  After 40 hours of torture…and only minutes with pain relief… !!!… I was rushed to Emergency C-section … and in 3 minutes flat there was MY beautiful baby!  The doctor held her up and said to my husband who was sitting at my head… “tell your wife what it is…” moments passed while she was holding a slippery baby up and Nothing came out of his mouth!  Then a few moments later he said… ‘I can’t tell” ~  Laughing my doctor told us it was a girl!  (she was a little swollen!)  Priceless!  Here are the after pics… I wanted nothing to do with cameras during the ‘torture’ phase!!  Amazing how all of that still gives me shudders.. yet the minute she was out … it was PURE BLISS!!!

Whew! Aren’t you glad that is over!! I sure was!! 😉 I am sure you guessed what kind of labor I decided to have with baby #2! yep… Cut it out!! don’t even think about putting me through That again! The only blessing of having had a c-section… is choosing not to have labor the next time !

I love these photos!

After 40 hours daddy was weary too!

What a blissful moment ... the moment I met my first baby!

As precious as a rose!

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  • 1 Tawny yazmış:

    Hi Jenn!
    I love birth stories too! I feel so horrible for women who have to both labor and have a c-section 🙁 I only had to do the c-section since my daughter was breech!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    Im going to have to read back to see what you were meaning by your son too.

  • 2 Summer yazmış:

    Yikes! That’s brutal. Mine was 27 hrs of labor, 2.5 hrs of pushing. The doc used foreceps and suction cups but baby wouldn’t come out. ENded up with a c-section too. Total bummer!

  • 3 Laura yazmış:


    You poor dear! I have 2 stories, but don’t feel like reliving them :-((

    Oh the pain!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4 TooManyHats yazmış:

    First, I am glad I found you 🙂 I kept checking that blogspot site and was confused until I checked it one last time today.

    What a horrendous story, thank heavens she was healthy and perfect – I know she made it all worth it, but I can so understand your choice for the second one.

  • 5 Mama M. yazmış:

    Wow…that’s tough. REALLY tough. What the heck were they doing checking you with “the balloon thing” in? You put that sucker in and leave it til it falls out!!

    Dang teaching hospitals!! 😉 (I work at one…a smallish one, but still considered a “teaching hospital”!)

    Glad to have you join in!

  • 6 Christine yazmış:

    Ugh! I have never heard of the balloon before…it sounds like a lot of”fun”! So sorry you went through all of that, but like you said, the “pure bliss” of your baby was well worth it. 🙂

  • 7 Sarah M. yazmış:

    oh, my word. how MISERABLE! poor thing. i’d be so angry!