Wednesday’s Word ~ “Words” (huh?)

I love words.  I am crazy about words!  I love word games.  I love making up my own words.  I love clever words.  I love learning new words.  I love things made with words.  I craft with words!  (I have a sweet valentines day craft/teacher gift idea with words coming up!)  As I have blog hopped around in this wonderful blog world I have noticed some clever use of words! Being new and all… I did not take note of which blog I was on when I was blissfully enjoying these word posts!  So if I mention your blog… Please make a comment and claim your fame!!  oh- I love rhyming words!  I love teaching my children words!  I even have a day on my blog dedicated to words!  I guess you could call it a quirk!  My mom loved words and word games too…  I love that I am like her in this way!  anyway… focus… (another great word) … Early in my blogging adventures (2 weeks ago) one wonderful blogger had a post about Beautiful Framed Photography Words… What a wonderful idea!  It is a company in Canada that sells Word Art.   Visit to see for yourself!  Two other great bloggers used scrabble letters in their posts…. I am crazy about scrabble and use the letters for crafts, art, gifts, etc. myself!  Brilliant!  (another great word)   I am allowed to be a little crazy here aren’t I?  You won’t judge me, will you?!   Recently one clever blogger posted a list of words that started with the letter “B”… the list was mostly words that I love using – it made me smile – it gave me unexplainable joy (I am a word Nerd)!  I need to find her again and ask for permission to copycat (love this word too) !!  There is a great pre-kindergarten show on PBS called Word World… I love it!

I could go on and on for hours about this silly obsession of mine!  😉

Yes – I even play word games on Facebook!

Can you find the secret word of the day…. I laughed when I pulled up this word for my post today!

Do you have a favorite word??
I really wanted to end my post spelling out with scrabble letters…

Have a Fabulous Day!

(alas this mommy duties are callin! see ya all later!)

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