Think Food Thursday ~ Think Green Smoothies!

What on earth is a green smoothie???  Sounds disgusting, eh?!  NO!!  Don’t let the spinach fool ya!  It really isn’t disgusting or even that bad tasting ~  I really LIKE them!  Yep ~ I like them!  Most days I would rather sip, slurp or chug my green smoothie than eat a salad!  Sound crazy, maybe!?   Don’t mock it, until you try it!!!   So for those of you who ‘think’ it sounds gross – just try it once!  Your heart will thank you!!  It is one of my favorite – low calorie, low fat, heart healthy snacks!  😉

This is what you need:    a few handfuls of baby spinach, a banana, berries (I LOVE blueberries and blackberries in mine) and liquid.  My liquid choice is usually 2% milk or vanilla soy milk (must look at sugar intakes!) I also LOVE adding a berry extract called Acai berry.  It is expensive ~ so that is a treat to have it!  You can shake up the fruit you use, and change out the greens too… but this is my ‘favorite’ way to make mine!  But it all in a quart size jar – blend a few seconds with a hand blender – and viola! Yummy green smoothie… good for weight loss and the heart (as long as you are watching sugar in take too many fruits increases sugar!!!)   I PROMISE the Monkey did NOT drink it!!   😉    I drink them at least 3-5 times a week!  Cheers  Ladies!

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