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OH How Embarassing!   ok… so a blond walks into a blog hop last night … on painkillers and thinks she is being clever posting the ‘night before’ … and she posts for Wed. instead of Tues!!!  =)  can I do that?  Did I mention I was on pain meds?!  sigh..

My favorite Wedding Day Moment?

The day Mr. McFunny and I tied the knot seems so long ago now ~ 11 1/2 years ago ~ I think!   I loved that day ~ I love thinking about that day ~ and talking about that day ~ and though I could  go on and on and on about the moments that I love love LOVED on our wedding day ~

I am gunna hafta do that another day… you see … I had another root canal today and I am barely up for posting a blog before I take my lovely pain killers and find my pillow! =)

So I am just gunna tell you about one short sweet moment ‘that’ day!

The wedding was over… jitters were gone, vows were made, tears of joy and laughter were shared, photos were taken, food was yummy, the cake was amazing!, bubbles were blown… the fire in the men’s bathroom was out… =)  Anyway ~ We decided to spend our first night as Mr. & Mrs. in ‘our’ condo!  Not in a hotel where many other newlyweds had spent their first nights…ew!   So we drove away from our wedding in Mr. still handsome in his Tux and me all pretty in my Big Ol’ Gown (still not sure why I didn’t go simple like I always dreamed I would!) anyway… it was a 45 minute drive ‘home’… in our little white VW… which we managed to ‘keep away’ from wedding vandals!  It was a wonderful ride home …full of laughter and smiles… from us and everyone who noticed we were newlyweds.  We parked our car in the garage of our rented condo … we rode the elevator up to ‘our’ condo feeling very blissful … of course my gentlemenly ‘lean’ (skinny) man tried to carry his new wife through the door (glad we were the only ones in the hall!)  Though I did way less than him at the time… my dress was Very VERY Heavy!  it weighed many many pounds!!  What a task!  (hee hee)  We laughed!  The door closed and we were standing there in front of the giant mirrored doors and said… “hm… so this is what we looked like all day aren’t we looking fine” … =) Priceless moment!  So we sat on the floor …the two of us… in our wedding clothes feeling blissful…enjoying a few moments together and ALONE  in our fancy clothes!  That was my favorite moment on my wedding day! Honest!  Well….. ok… there was another very very VERY funny moment that day… that I loved… but few will be lucky enough to ever know ‘that’ moment!  =)

Link up ladies (and gents if you are out there!) this is another Valentines Day Love McLinky hosted by MamaM. at  ~  if I am doing this right you can just click on the big red heart to jump on over and read her wedding day moment …. always a fun read!  And then link up and share your favorite wedding day moment!

See y’all later!

Just Jenn~

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  • 1 tara yazmış:

    Cute story… fire in the bathroom?!?

    Thanks for stopping by, and hope your feeling better soon

  • 2 TooManyHats yazmış:

    I’m so sorry about all your dental work. I hope it goes smoothly. One of my favorite memories of our wedding was at one point in the reception we were on opposite sides of the banquet room and people started tapping their glasses for us to kiss, we both turned and saw each other like a mile away and ran across the room in slow motion like and embraced, kissed, while he dipped me – totally cheesy, totally funny, totally memorable.

  • 3 Tammy yazmış:

    Hope you doing better today! Another crazy day of putting this house back together…and cleaning! Ugh!

  • 4 Mama M. yazmış:

    Hey Jenn!! Loved your comment the other day…so glad it’s “official” now!

    You’re a day early with your story…but it’s a great story, nonetheless!!

    The after the wedding moments are just so precious!