*Kid Friendly* Photo Memory Book Craft Perfect Gift for Someone You LOVE! =)

Since I posted the wrong McLinky post today … OOPS!… I decided to not do the Proposal McLinky (my story is way way too long anyway.. I tried!)  =)   So.. Tuesday’s Post attempt #3!  I will actually ‘link’ Wednesdays post to MamaM.’s McLinky tomorrow .. when it is supposed to be linked… some of you got a ‘sneak peek’!!

In honor of Loving this week ~ Loving your puppy that is! ~  My little girl (age 9) and I made the cutest little photo memory book craft ~ out of lunch bags ladies!  yep… lunch bags!  This brilliant little scrapbook idea is compliments of my sister KK.  Thanks KK!  =)  It is a perfect little gift to give someone you love… or make and fill with photos of someone (or a pet) you love!

Take a peek… this is the front…

and the back……….

Now You Wanna see inside…  don’t ya ??

the polka dot ‘paper’ is a gift bag we cut up and ‘reused’ =)

The lunch bags have ‘open ends’ where you place scrapbook ‘tabs’ inside … too cute!

Didn’t she do a great job for her 1st scrapbook ever!?? Proud Mommy! =)

Isn’t it just the cutest scrapbook ever!! Now you want to make one… don’t ya?? Wanna know how we did it? =) Easy sneezy…lemony squeezy! My favorite quote from my little girls first grade teacher! Here is what you need!

2 lunch bags – folded, flip one backwards so the open ends are not on the same side and staple together, a few cute scrapbook papers, a bone cookie cutter to trace – for puppy books, stickers, a used gift bag (hee hee) and some scrapbook adhesives, we also used adhesive ribbon. You can be so creative ~ and yet so simple! My little girl Loved This craft!! She loves photography ~ and animals ~ and is quite the little paper crafter (oh the tape and paper my kids use!) She had SO much fun ~ she was beaming with pride after making such a stunning little scrapbook!

She actually made this craft for a Girl Scout project… she is leading this “Pet Craft” for a younger troop tomorrow and in May she will lead the same pet craft with her troop! So if your little girl happens to be in my little girls scout troop (Tammy) hee hee … maybe you don’t want to make one yet!?!~

If you make one of these adorable little photo books ~ I would LOVE to see it!!!
Happy Crafting Everyone!

Just Jenn~

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