The WillPower of Frog and Toad!

Oh NO !!  Girl Scout Cookies are in MY house!!   Samoas, Thin Mints, Lemon Cremes, Tagalongs!!  Aaaaah!

Now you see why WillPower must be talked about today!?  =)  I have a will and I have power!  Power to eat all 8 boxes if I dared!!   They are so yummy I really could eat a box a day!!  I am not a huge cookie monster ~ but these are extraordinary cookies as we all know!   Last night I was visiting Jen at 3 Little Monkeys ~ you can find her link in my blog roll! ~ anyway ~  She mentioned willpower.  or a lack there of!~ LOL!  and I knew right away what my word for today should be!   My little girl is a scout ~ so we sold cookies to friends and family ~ 112 boxeds entered my house ~ and I did not waist anytime helping her shuffle them right out of here!!  he he  You see in the past I have not displayed willpower!

See ~ see what I have to look at and try not to eat!

Only ordering 8 boxes was the first step to willpower!

They are supposed to last ~ the kids are so excited to have them as their lunch treats!!

Abby is so proud to have them in her lunch box ~ she goes to public school ~ while Sammy schools at home!

So I must have will power ~ so my little girl can have ‘special treats’ longer than a day or 2!!

I put them up high on a shelf so they are harder to reach…

High on the shelf! I forgot to tie them with string!

Just like Frog and Toad did!  Do you know about Frog and Toad Stories??  They are Wonderful stories!!  I used to check them out when I was a little girl and fast forward 20 years later I started reading them to my children when they were wee little things!  Arnold Lobel’s Newberry Honored Book “Frog and Toad Together” has a wonderful story about Cookies and WillPower!!  =)   Here is a sneak peek!  Our books are well worn ~ except the large print one I found recently!  My little guy Sammy has low vision so the large print was a great find!!  I would Highly recommend these stories for children 2-8 years old!

Cookies is one of my favorite stories ~ each book has 4 or 5 stories in it! They are about friendship and little life lessons!

Can you read this... it is Frog explaining to Toad what will power is... Toad is the 'grumpy one'!

So you see ~ 20 + years after I read these wonderful stories ~ they are still teaching me life lessons!!  Except maybe I should tell you that in the end… after they make the cookies really hard to ‘eat’… they decide they have no will power and Frog gives the cookies to the birds… so they won’t eat them and calls it willpower!  and then… Toad gets mad, tells Frog to keep his Willpower… He is going to go home and bake a cake!!

I guess I better start baking!!

Have a Wonderful day!

If you have little ones ~ go buy a Frog and Toad book today ~ you won’t regret it!!

Just Jenn~

PS  I have only eaten 2 cookies a day since Sunday!  Yay me!

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  • 1 Cheryl yazmış:

    Oh, girl scout cookies are so hard to keep from devouring! (And in the first picture, you have them placed right by the coffee pot! How handy would that be?) Good thing they moved to the top shelf….for me, I would have to hide them in the freezer, er…the one out in the shop!

    Love the Frog and Toad books, along with Hank the Cowdog, of course.

  • 2 Lemonade Makin' Mama yazmış:

    Okay I just must say I adore this post. I love frog and toad!! My husband says I am toad. (Not that I lool like him, but that I think like him.)

    I also love this post due to your girl scout cookies dilema. You may enjoy this girl scout cookie post I wrote two years ago… (Just copy and past the link into your browser)

    Also I wanted to say thank you for the precious words and sharing a bit of your story with ME! You always leave the sweetest comments.

    And lastly, Life just wouldn’t be complete with out Pioneer Woman would it?


  • 3 Laura yazmış:

    Oh my gosh, I am just NOW realizing how dumb it was to give up chocolate for Lent!! UGH My several boxes of Samoas will be here any day. 🙁 Willpower, HA. Those cookies are going to have to leave the house, enough said. 🙂

  • 4 dysfunctional mom yazmış:

    Oh man, I need to find me a girl scout to shake down – I LOVE GS cookies!!

  • 5 Summer yazmış:

    I had no idea about the frog and the toad willpower book.I’ll need to check it out! Somewhere on my blog, I have a post about when I ate ALL of the girlscout cookies we bought. It was during lent, when my hubbie was off sweets. I accidently ate them all. One cookie/box/day at a time. Oops.

  • 6 Beautiful Living yazmış:

    You gotta love Frog!

    Thanks for leaving a comment in my journal. I love to see new faces. Looks like you have a lot of great ideas in here. I’ll have to do some digging around. 🙂

  • 7 citymouse yazmış:

    I love Frog and Toad and read them as a girl too. I still have a few copies from my own kids lying around somewhere.

    Good job on the GS cookies. Interesting fact: in different regions some of the cookies are called different things. I live in MD where we have samoas, but I bought cookies from my niece who lives 100 miles away in Philly. They are called Caramel DeLites there. Odd, huh?

  • 8 Tawny yazmış:

    Seriously, how do NOT eat those??? I didn’t buy any this year 🙁

  • 9 Megan yazmış:

    My weakness are the peanut butter patties or tagalongs or whatever they’re called. I think I ordered 6 boxes this year. Oof.

  • 10 Blessed Adventures yazmış:

    Love Frog and toad…

  • 11 Amy yazmış:

    We did not get any cookies this year. I think we still have some thin mints. My husband likes those. I so remember toad and frog. They rock..

  • 12 Jana yazmış:

    HA! your version of will power sounds a lot like my own! I love frog and toad. Thanks for stopping by my blog! today was a weird day since it was lots of links, right now there is a “name the love story” vote going on for the series that I am writing stop by and vote for your fave if you have the time, I love involving everyone! its so great to have met you! Im gonna go click around!

  • 13 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    Thanks for bloggy love!
    Those books look great, I’ll have to check them out.
    Keep up the good willpower!

  • 14 Sarah M. yazmış:

    Funny, Jenn!!