Seizing My Day with my sister Kelly~

My sister Kelly doesn’t blog (yet!) but she will!  =)

I have a silly story to start off with…

First a little ditty..

I have introduced Kelly to a few of my favorite blogs to tempt her!

One of those fabulous blogs  is authored by Sasha at Lemonade Makin Mama

I enjoy her honest heart, the crafty side of her and her beautiful photography !

Because Kelly loves the same sort of crafty projects I have seen in on Sasha’s blog ~

I sent her to check out Sasha’s blog.. and she liked it!  of course! !!

OK… so Saturday … I went to visit my sister Kelly!

I had some girl scout cookies to deliver to her,

and a special loved one to visit who is battling cancer ~

i hate cancer!

and then we both needed a few hours of fun!

Junk shopping fun!

So … a few minutes after I arrived in Marysville…

my sister shared a delicious cake with me

(that is not in my heart healthy eating plan… thanks Kelly! ha ha!)

It was SOOOOO good!!!

How does this tie into me talking about introducing Kelly to Lemonade Makin Mama?

Well this delicious cake we were eating ~

Kelly found the recipe on Lemonade Makin Mama’s blog…

Baileys Irish Cream & Cake ~ yummy!

You can find the recipe by clicking here on the word  recipe !!

Since I am a blogger now …

I had to have a picture of us eating it…

lets just say our day started out with laughter! see…

Aren’t we ladylike!!  =)

Who knew you could have so much fun taking pictures of yummy cake!

Sadie ~ the dog~ could not stand it any longer… she needed a taste of this food we made such a fuss over!

Not that I recommend feeding such a delicious cake to your dog!!

Thanks for sharing the yummy recipe Sasha ~ we loved it ~

Look at the joy you gave us!

I love farm animals!

I love the windy road you drive to get to my sisters house… the farms… and trees… and animals… especially on a Semi-sunny day… so I made Kelly stop and let me play a tiny tiny bit with my camera! (I need lessons!)

my pictures don’t give this shot justice at all!
One day when I own my beachhouse… I will NEED this!

Is there such a thing as a beach house on a farm??

Because I secretly covet a life on a beach and a life on a small farm!!  =)


After a couple precious hours with our friend & sister-in-law battling cancer…

I hate cancer.

We went off to have a few hours to ourselves…

sometimes a girl just needs some fun with her sister!

Starbucks Drive Thru~  a must!

Creepy little trailer staring (or smiling) at us while we waited for our coffee in the Starbucks drive thru!

We had to take a picture!  Odd little happy faced trailer!

Here we are in Snohomish… First Avenue…

ready to shop the delightful antique shops waiting for us!

The nice ladies in Annie’s on First where kind enough to let us snap some photos of their store!

I would totally work in that shop if I lived a little closer than 2 hours away!  ha ha!

Wanna see a few fun treasures we looked at…

we didn’t come home with any  “live without” items!

sniff… sob… sob…

just some fun pictures!

that will do!

3 Sisters…

I actually have 2 sisters…

but we don’t sing!

Linda couldn’t come…

Next time?!

I played Bingo with all of these “antique” bingo cards when I was child!!

Really… my toys are antiques!!


yellow picture?! did I take that? much to learn! 😉

One day I will have an entry way that one of these charming guys can hang out in…

I have always loved these little butlers! =)

I LOVE old things…

old books, typewriters, spoons, furniture!! houses…

I need an old house! Perhaps ~ One day! =)

I love words and letters!!

These beautyful letters were $120?

yikes… I will make my own! =)

1976… My first roller skates! metal wheels and all!

A quick 4:00 pm Lunch at Snohomish Bakery & Cafe??

Kelly loves her diet coke…  The sandwiches and gyros were delicious!

Oh my!! Close your eyes!!


Men looking like that should not have snakes on them!!

shudder! Even if they are statues! =)

Love seeing Birds on a Wire!

and look in front of a beautiful old church!

The lighting was not in my favor!

oh well!

There was so much to see…

Look at the old Firehouse building we saw on our way out!

We didn’t get to see the whole town…

its not very big…

but we only had a couple hours!

Hope I didn’t bore you too much!

I absolutely LOVE Seizing My Day with my sisters …

in little places like this …

lots of girl candy…

window shopping…


country style…

yummy food…

old buildings…

just what this girl loves!

and a few “odd” sightings along the way…

I like weird things!

Creepy Mop… he was staring at us too! =)

I guess we are pretty!

I love time with my sister Kelly!!

Thanks for the fun day KK!

You will have to meet my sister Linda another day~

sorry you couldn’t come Linda! =)

Happy Monday!

I am spending the rest of my day with my  sick little boy!

He threw up 3 times yesterday!

Poor Monkey!

Could be worse…

no fever yet!

See y’all later!

Just Jenn~

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  • 1 Lemonade Makin' Mama yazmış:

    Okay you are the MOST fun!! I loved it. (but sad about your sis in law, cancer and sick little one…) That cake was stinkin good… I gave up sugar or I’d go make some right now!! You are a darling little thing and you totally made my day! You sweet heart.

  • 2 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    Sounds like a really fun day! Hope your little one is feeling better!

  • 3 Jenn yazmış:

    oops… clarification…my sister Kelly’s sister-in-law is struggling with cancer right now… stupid cancer! My heart breaks for her and her family… it is always hard to see someone you know battling it… I was blessed by a short hear to heart chat with her. I hope I blessed her a bit too… never easy…

    Sasha… I would love to join you in giving up sugar.. I sort of try.. it is SO hard! hats off to you!! I am on ‘low’ sugar… enjoying that cake was naughty!! =)

  • 4 Amy yazmış:

    What a fun time you had. Hugs to your sister.

  • 5 kathie yazmış:

    what a great time! love the pictures 🙂

  • 6 naomig yazmış:

    Sounds like a great time, and you totally made me miss my sisters. 🙂

    Before my family moved down to Portland when I was a teenager, we lived in Lake Stevens/Snohomish area. And, we used to go to Marysville for church on a windy road. And, that first windy road/farm picture TOTALLY looks like the windy road we used to take, in fact, it kind of threw me back like deja vu… I swear I’ve seen that exact same view before. I’m wondering if it is the same windy road?! Probably not, just a similar one, but still a really weird feeling.

  • 7 a pocket full of posies yazmış:

    What a fun day!! LOVED your pictures too! so sorry about your son! I have one home too and another looks as though they are starting to not feel so good!
    Many Blessings! and get-well prayers!

  • 8 Summer yazmış:

    I agree, the mop was creepy, and so was the snake man!:)

  • 9 jeanne yazmış:

    Your day looks great! Fun that I recognized some of the places you went. I am so sorry about your sister-in-law. Isn’t strange how scary a word like cancer is?!

  • 10 Helene yazmış:

    Looks like you both had a fantastic time!! Good ole fashion sister time! That mop kinda looked like an alien with white hair!!

    Love all the pictures too, esp the ones of you both sharing the cake!

    Hope your baby feels better soon!

  • 11 Mrs. Dunbar yazmış:

    Looks like you and your sister had a good time. Starbucks is a must on a girl days. And I love those letters with circle frames. They would look great in my house… hmmm.

    Hope your little guy is feeling much better. He’s been on my heart all day, and his little friends from school. I hope they are as welcoming to him at church as they are at school.

  • 12 TAWny yazmış:

    What a fun day with your sister!!! Even if you had to think about the stupid cancer…you and your sis looked like you had too much fun…and some really neat finds!
    I too LOVE those letters on the wall!
    Hope your son feels better soon!
    Oh and thanks for the email. I think that you couldn’t get to my blog from my name because I didn’t type in the URL when I commented. Your comments are a little different than blogger…really I think I was being lazy-oops 🙁
    I will do it from now on 🙂

  • 13 Darlene yazmış:

    Hi Just Jenn – Thanks for your comment on my illness post. Yeah – I nervous about the procedure but it must be done. How old was your son when he went through his endoscopies??

    I’m really just hoping that they find something (not cancer) difinitive because the chronic stomach pain is not going away.

    Yes – I’ll take all the prayers I can get.

    Thanks so much! Have a great day!

  • 14 Martha yazmış:

    Sounds like a wonderful day!!!! beach home…that is my dream for sure too:)
    And Sasha’s blog…yes…LOVE IT!