Lucky day after all~

Ladies… you will laugh… or maybe just smile…

Remember me saying our “lucky” 4 leaf clovers haven’t brought us any luck?!!

Just yesterday!      ha ha…
Jokes on me….

Look what I won ~ after my post ~ yesterday!!!
Tammy at TammysTwoCents is a local friend of mine…

and she was doing her first ever giveaway… so I entered.


I figured if it was meant to be I only needed one entry right?

I NEVER win anything anyway!    so I rarely enter giveaways…

ha ha…

I won!!

See what I won!

I had to clip a photo from the Skin MD website… b/c I could not grab the picture from Tammy’s blog??!  (techy challenged here!)  anyway… it is the bottle with the red cap that I won… I think?!   =)

Fun!  I love lotion!!

and I am always looking for the perfect lotion to clear up my dry fingers!!

Thank you Tammy!

Skin care product: Skin MD Natural shielding lotion

Now if those clovers  could just help me win a vacation somewhere sunny!!! LOL~ I won’t push my luck!


NOW … don’t think I am super on the ball or anything…

I wouldn’t want you to thing I am that organized!!

I just didn’t do my laundry or many other chores yesterday…

what can I say…

I did however ~ play ~ a little ~ see!

This eye pillow is silky fabric and chenille ~

I love cotton chenille!! so soft!

I am giving this one to a friends mom ~

she needs something comforting right now!

The pillow case is chenille on one side and purple silk on the other…

silk meaning… probably polyester??!

the silky part is cool and refreshing…

the chenille is cozy!

best of both worlds… do you feel  cool or cozy today?!

This eye pillow  is made with flannel ~ also cozy!
it will have a pillow case too ~ later today!

As pictured in my post yesterday ~ I use flax seeds and lavender…. the lavender offers a soothing scent and the flax offers the perfect weight, comfort and heats well as a heat bag too!!

Oh ~ I make larger heat bags too with the same supplies!

I love love my eye pillows and heat bags!

Perhaps one day I will make enough in advance …

and sell at a craft booth at Farm Chicks in Spokane?!! =)

Once upon a time … I made heat bags with cleaned corn feed – though it smelled like popcorn – it held heat for a long time!! A friend and I sold them at a local craft fair… it was fun!

One of my readers yesterday said she has made her own eye pillows once upon a time… but with different filling…
if you have made an eye pillow … or a heat bag…

What filling did you use and why??


Tomorrow I hit the dental chair ~ again ~ to have my permanent crowns put in ~ wish me “luck”!!

Just Jenn~


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  • 1 Lemonade Makin' Mama yazmış:

    Okay so don’t hate me…

    I have never had a cavity.

    I know, I know…

    Can we still be friends?

    I actually FREAK out every time I go to the dentist because I just KNOW it’s the time I’ll have five cavities. My man thinks it’s hilarious. I can freak out like nobody’s business. I’m not sure if you knew that about me.

    Hang in there. It’s a very relaxing place to be really. They have drugs.

    Not that drugs are relaxing.

    I have no idea where I was taking that thought.

  • 2 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    I love my heat bag! It totally smells like popcorn when it’s hot, and it feels so good on my neck!

  • 3 Tammy yazmış:

    Congrats again! Send me your email so I can forward it on to Skin MD! 🙂

  • 4 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    My friend makes eye pillows with corn, because they hold heat well – and uses lavendar, sometimes eucalyptus.

    Congrats on winning!

  • 5 Holly yazmış:

    Hi Jenn! Love your little eye pillows. Several years ago I made bigger heat packs with the feed corn. We still use them.
    Thanks for visiting my blog today 🙂

  • 6 Liz @ Sugarplum Creations yazmış:

    Yay for giveaways!!! And those eye pillows look divine! It’s so nice to “meet” you 🙂 Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

  • 7 Julianne yazmış:

    My grandma makes heating pads with rice, INCREDIBLE…they hold the heat perfectly!

  • 8 TooManyHats yazmış:

    Congrats on winning the giveaway. If you ever want to host one here, those heat bags and eye pillows sound wonderful – hint, hint, wink, wink 😉

  • 9 Heather K. yazmış:

    My mom has been making lavender and flax seed bags for years, I love them!!!!! They retain the heat so well and smell so comforting. I am due for a new one, I think I will request mom to make one with a chenille case 🙂

  • 10 Steph yazmış:

    I strongly dislike the dentist!! I hope your experience is cav(congrats) you should do one…with one of those pillows you make..mmmmm they sound good. =)

  • 11 Steph yazmış:

    I meant cavity free, and since you won a giveaway, oye I nurse as I type and that is what happens.

  • 12 naomig yazmış:

    Hmm. I think I foresee a giveaway in your future with eyepillows. 🙂

  • 13 amy prikazsky yazmış:

    So glad you won…I will be thinking about you tomorrow. I HATE the dentist! I always have cavities:( YUK!


  • 14 Tawny yazmış:

    Ohhhh, well yay for being a winner, but BOO on the dentist 🙁
    I LOVE those eye pillows! I totally need to learn to make one of those!

  • 15 Blessed Adventures yazmış:

    YAY for you!!!!

  • 16 Kelli yazmış:

    Good luck at the dentist. Maybe you should take on of your four leaf clovers with you 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog…come over anytime.

  • 17 Elizabeth @ Confessions From A Working Mom yazmış:

    Congrats on your big win! I was entered in Tammy’s giveaway too… I’m glad somebody I “know” won it!

    I have SEVERAL eye pillows– one is filled with some kind of cold compress gel, and the other is filled with a lavender potpouri. I use them a LOT!


  • 18 Lori yazmış:

    Hello! Congrats on winning – isn’t that fun? I have a giveaway coming up that I’m super excited about. 🙂

    Re: heat bags, my friend made me some that have rice in them and a little essential oil – lavender and eucalyptis (I totally spelled that wrong!) are my favorites. I love my rice pillow – it helps me go to sleep and my girls are fans too. If you sell some here in Spokane let me know so I can come and buy one for my youngest daughter! 🙂 Blessings!

  • 19 Debby Pucci yazmış:

    Congratulations! What an awesome gift. Now let’s see about winning you that trip!

  • 20 jen@ourdailybigtop yazmış:

    Congrats on your win. Finding a 4 leaf clover is on my bucket list…has never happened to me yet my daughter when she was 4 found one of her own. Must by the 25% Irish in her 🙂