Fifty ~ 50 ~ Five times Ten ~ 25 +25 ~ Fifty

My blog log tells me that today’s post is my 50th!

I have that much to say!?

Apparently I do…  Today I am going to ramble 50 things about myself…

All about Me, myself and I……… are you ready for this madness??

50 can’t be that many ~ right?


1.  I love being a stay home mommy who home schools … though I would love one day a week to myself in the house!   =)

2. I love words.  Word games. Cool words like Bliss.  Words. I like em!!

3.  I love odd numbers… I have a few favorites… and I was really disappointed when the doctors induced me on an even day… luckily I had my daughter on an odd day… but I was forced to schedule my second c-section on an even day with my son… I was annoyed!  (I know I am weird… I like odd numbers!)  Like 3:33.. I always seem to see that hour on the clock!?  weird ~ I know!

4.  I love umbrellas!!  Love them!  I would have a beautiful collection if my kids would stop playing with them and ruining them!!  ha ha!  One day I hope to have a whole bunch by my front door!  it gives me joy to my monkeys run around with umbrellas!

5. I love love Old houses!  wish I could have one… with a wrap around porch, a mud room, a sun room and of course with a beach view and walking distance!

6. I love love love the beach!!  Cannon Beach is currently one of my favorite places… Hawaii is pretty high up there too… but I am thinking one day I need to live in California… ??

7. I love Thai food!

8.  I love old books… remember the old book post?

9.  I home school one child ~ for medical reasons ~ I am blessed to spend so much time with my precious little man!  I am extremely grateful I get to enjoy him up every day like that!

10.  I would love to home school my daughter… she loves her school friends… and doesn’t do well with change.. I can’t break her spirit… it is so sensitive… so I don’t … for now!

11.  I have lived in England, Mexico, Canada and the USA.

12.  I  went to Capernwray Bible School in England, and lived in a mini “Castle”  for 6 months~ though they call it a main house over there!  LOL!

13.  I have read the bible all the way through once.  I love Paul’s writing!

14. I accepted Christ into my life at age 20 ~ but my personal relationship with God blossomed at Capernwray!

15. I love love love to laugh!   gut belly, cheek hurting,  tear streaming laughter makes me happy!

16.  I  love black and white things…furniture, curtains, towels, bedding, notebooks, dishes, home decor… um… animals… have you noticed they are all black and white??

17.  I adopted 2 puppies in 2009 ~ Lewis our first Cavvy puppy did not make it… at 8 mo. he was laid to rest ~ sniff, sniff, sob, sob ~ man I loved him after just 5 short months… but now we have Merlin… our magical replacement !

18.  I love bags.  Fun bags to throw over my shoulder… to hold my things… to look at!  (good thing we don’t have a ton of money… I would need a big closet for just bags!… not shoes… bags!)

19.  Both of my best shoes have been chewed by said above puppy.

20.  I am too cheap to replace the shoes until said puppy stops chewing.

21. I love clocks… with real numbers .. not digital ones… real clocks!

22.  I secretly want to live on a farm… but my husband tells me maybe my next husband will be a farmer …ah ha ha ha ha!  except I want someone else to run the farm… and tend to the horses… I just want to live there and ride them… maybe I will feed the chickens… and it needs to be near the beach!

23.  I love feet. Baby feet. foot prints. sandy feet.  pretty feet.  puppy feet.

24.  I am addicted to good coffee!  Really really good coffee!

25. I really really want someone to put one of those foam art monkey’s on my latte’s one day!

26. I love monkeys!

27. I would junk shop every day if I had time and money.

28. I love mowing the lawn and digging in dirt with a shovel… love it!

29.  I love garage sales!  I can hardly stand to drive by one and not stop! torture!

30.  I love my new book, Jane Austen Ruined My Life!  love it!  12 chapters in!

31.  I was a mischievous child… aka naughty?… my memories make me laugh and laugh and laugh!

32.  I have 2 fabulous sisters that also drive me nuts!  ha ha.. and I drive them nuts too!

33.  I want to travel travel travel… I love exploring!

34. I love snow … for short periods of time.

35.  I love fairies!  I wish they were real!

36.  I NEED lotion ~ all day ~ I need it!

37.  I love photography… one day I will be good at it!

38. I love to cook… one day I will be good at it!

39. I love to sew… one day I will be good at it!

40. I love to decorate… one day I will be good at it … really I don’t decorate… but I dream… I look at books… I am inspired… but I fail! =)

41.  I would hire a housekeeper if I could afford it!

42.  I wish life was more simple.

43. I wish kid sports were not so competitive!!  good grief!

44.  I love flowers! one day I will have a lush beautiful flower garden surrounding my beautiful old house! =) by the beach!  that one.

45. I love planting gardens… one day I will have a couple raised garden beds!

46.  I love the community of ladies in this crazy blog world!~  I am addicted.

47. I love love praise and worship music!

48. I can’t carry a tune or stay on key to save my life… what is a key anyway!

49.  I want a vacation with just my hubby  ~ Me. Him. Sun. Beach! (anyone?)

50.  Maybe when I hit 100 followers I will do my first ever… maybe only ever?… give away with one of my lavender eye pillows??  wink, wink!


There you go ~ 50 random things about Just Jenn ~ not necessarily in any particular order ~ or even most important things to know about me ~ just random!

No pictures today… sorry… out of time… gotta get back to my duties!

TTFN ~  Jenn

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