Leprechaun Madness

So when my little girl was in kindergarten… her teacher “might” have mentioned that you can try to catch a leprechaun by making a trap and he “might” leave behind chocolate gold coins… (hello!) … so I might have fallen into the magic of it all … I mean who could break the heart of their little girl and tell her that her teacher was off her rocker … I never thought I would be up the night before St. Patrick’s day…
but I am… until Little Man figures it all out…

Inspired by another blogger…
we made a couple of cute Leprechaun traps…
If it was you… shout yourself out in my comments and I will link you!
Apparently this hat idea came from Family Fun Magazine…
I used to get that … I loved it!
anyway… little man had so much fun making these traps!
and I will get to use that cute jar as a vase!!
its a keeper!
I love this “hat” trap!

we put a little ‘fools gold’ on the top….
after all…
they like gold you know!

apparently they know the difference between real gold and fools gold…
and they are smart little dudes …
and messy!!!
how did he get in and OUT of this clever trap??
At least he left behind some yummy chocolate!

apparently the stuffing bugged him when he fell it….
he threw it all out of the hat before he climbed back out!

They always make a mischief ~ and leave behind a huge mess!

naughty leprechauns!

it usually involves toilet paper!!

at least he leaves behind chocolate to make up for the mischief!

Happy St. Patricks Day!

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