Sneak Peek ~ Spring Is In the Air

My husband is funny. Really funny! He can make an unsuspecting crowd laugh before they knew what hit them. He can’t help himself… he is just naturally funny. The thing I love love about him is that his humor is naturally “clean” … pure hearted… and hits you in moments when you least expect it.

IF  one were to want a sneak peek of Mr. McFunny … being funny at work… one might seriously consider clicking here … trust me… you will not regret it!! =) He might! Yep… I married that guy! Sometimes I stop and think… if I wasn’t laughing so hard I would be So embarrassed!

Like the time a nurse gave him a cup asked him to collect a urine sample… and he very calmly asked her … “from anyone in particular?”  She was not amused… but we could not stop laughing…

Oh anyway… I digress! Go look at the picture… it should give you a giggle…

Remember my whiny post yesterday? The day went by without a hitch… busy… and I feel asleep early last night… it was fun day!

Here is a peek at the jars Abby and Emily (from Tammy’s Two Cents) helped the younger girl scout troop make for planting herbs!

Remember I wanted spring blossom pictures?? I don’t have a great flash on my cheap camera… but I captured a few nice shots despite the shadows! =)

Yep… these little monkeys climbed in the trees..
just like the people before us…
though they are city trees…
and we probably should not have been in them…
it was fun! and it didn’t say “not” to… =)

Last year I put them in the trees… and they were not happy… =) This year they climbed in by themselves… happily! Getting bigger and braver each year! =) Proud mommy!   When I was young… I lived in trees and bushes!

Monkey One…

Monkey 2…

This monkey is a little younger… and has low muscle tone .. especially in the upper body.. and his vision is lower than most 20/200… so this is much scarier and harder for him! Well done monkey!!

Proud of my kids for breaking the law (probably ) and climbing trees!

I wish we had one in our back yard!
one day…

They were proud of themselves… Look at those smiles!

Abby was so relaxed .. she decided to kick back!! =)

We always have fun doing this casual family photo shoot…
even Merlin had fun! though he didn’t make it into many shots! =) He got to meet a few dogs… he nearly took Abby off her feet once to go meet one!! silly puppy!

Of course we needed a couple mommy and daddy pictures… look closely at my husbands forehead! Especially when the kids have the camera… ah ha ha ha! makes me laugh every time!! stressed daddy! he likes to be on the otherside of the camera! =)

Sammy and Daddy…

Mommy and Abby…

and for humor sake…
grinchy eyebrows and all…
kid behind camera….

Mommy and Daddy
Husband and Wife…

Though I wish I were a better photographer… and I wish I had a better camera… I love these photos… it is my family! We had fun … spring is in the air… and we are all smiling! =)

Have a great weekend folks!


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  • 1 Kristie yazmış:

    It’s so beautiful there! It’s still brown here and it snowed again. 🙁 I’m glad you are able to enjoy the nice weather and get some beautiful pictures of your family! 🙂

  • 2 Cheryl yazmış:

    I love your pictures! Everyone looks like they are having a great time! And I liked the urine sample comment…too bad the nurse didn’t have a sense of humor!!!

    I’ll have to checkout the picture later….slow loading computer today.:-( But I know it will be good!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  • 3 Becky yazmış:

    Those trees are absolutly beautiful. Looks like a wonderful family day:) I love days like those!

  • 4 Laurel H. yazmış:

    Great family photos; really precious memories. 🙂

  • 5 naomig yazmış:

    That type of family photo shoot is my favorite… 🙂 I too love it when my kiddos climb trees. 🙂 Those spring tree blossoms are lovely, and the children are adorable. 🙂 You guys look happy. 🙂

  • 6 Mrs. Dunbar yazmış:

    Pictures capture the moments of our lives. No matter what camera you have, this is you guys now, and you have captured a snippet of it. I LOVE the picture of you and your husband, that tree behind you both is spectacular!

  • 7 TooManyHats yazmış:

    Terrific pics! Lovely setting and looked like fun too.

  • 8 Blessed Adventures yazmış:

    I love your photos. Great post of a beautiful family~

  • 9 Heather yazmış:

    oooh, my husband has the same forehead!! too funny…must be a daddy thing. love the photos and the blossoms are so pretty!

  • 10 Erin yazmış:

    Awww your little monkeys are so cute!!

    And I laughed hysterically with the “From anyone in particular” line! Now that’s comedy!

  • 11 dysfunctional mom yazmış:

    Funny husbands are the best, they make life fun and the hard times more bearable!
    Wonderful Spring pictures!! =)

  • 12 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    What a beautiful setting – and, truly, what a beautiful family! Your son did a great job a being brave! (I would not be so brave!!!) 😉 Those blossoms are just GORGEOUS! I would have encouraged law breaking myself – good for YOU! (It is easier to ask forgiveness than permission…I think that’s in the Bible…ha ha…no, it’s not…thought I had to add that last part before I got struck by lightning here…)

    I’m glad your day turned out great. That girl scout project matches my blog, you know…presents are always welcome. ha ha!!!
    Have a great day – I hope it’s just as wonderful as yesterday!!!!

  • 13 jen@odbt yazmış:

    Great shots of everyone. I’m glad you got into some shots too. I can’t wait for things to bloom here although my allergies are horrible. I still love spring.

  • 14 Amanda yazmış:

    Stop it! You are a great photographer… these pictures are wonderful!! LOVE that tree..and love those smiles!

    Great job!

  • 15 Katherine yazmış:

    The flowers are absolutely gorgeous. It makes me so excited for spring!

    I think hilarious husbands are great. Laughter does a lot to keep a marriage and a family healthy.

  • 16 Sarah C. yazmış:

    Such beautiful pictures! Those trees are really gorgeous. Looks like you all had a fabulous day!!

  • 17 Tawny yazmış:

    Those are such great jars. They must have just LOVED them!
    Beautiful pictures. I LOVE this time of year!!!

  • 18 tricia yazmış:

    beautiful! and I’m jealous of the green ground!
    Jenn, I’m so glad you have someone to laugh with – Jesus knew what you needed!

  • 19 Dana @ Bungalow'56 yazmış:

    I too have a husband that is able to make me laugh. His is a clever humour as well. Loved the urine comment, we would have been cracking up over that too. Glad to see someone is enjoying some spring blooms. I am feeling impatient.