Blogging For Bliss ~

I found A new book to read!!

I am so excited about this one ladies!

I can’t wait to spend a couple hours with it!!!

The title alone shouts out how I feel about blogging

after a short 2 1/2 months!  =)

I scanned the pages right away and

I am excited to read what Tara Frey has to say about Blogging for Bliss!

After a quick scan

I was delighted to find many simple treasures to read up on.

For instance,

enhancing photos…

fun fun!

and coding the simple things…

like a header…

I have so much to learn!

It covers tips on figuring out your purpose in the blog sphere…

Blogging For Bliss covers helpful tips for Learning the Ropes, Tools of the Trade, Beauty and the Blog, Finding Business in Bliss,  Blogging Manners… and so much more!!

I have read some stories about bloggers who need to read this page!!


I am sure I even have something to learn on that page!!

Just as it states on the cover….

It is a Guide for Crafters, Artists and Creatives of All Kinds!
It is FULL of helpful information for this new passionate blogger…

who is finding bliss in blogging!

You can find out more about Blogging for Bliss and the author TAra Frey at

and the BEST part…

This little treasure of a book features about 60 creative, inspiring, talented, lovely bloggers ….

I was delighted to flip the page and see one lovely, talented blogger that I have already had the pleasure of meeting in this beautiful virtual world!!  Jeanne Griffin’s at A Bushel and a Peck.

Tara Frey wrote a little ditty about each featured blogger… giving you a peek into their blogs and their lives.

So, simply quoting straight from the Book about Jeanne;  “She finds that her most natural blog posts are inspired by her role as a mother and all the heart warming stories that come along with it”….  “This WHAM (work at home mom) is a mixed-media artist who designs clothing for children as well as vintage-inspired items for women.”

I am new to Jeanne’s blog ~ heck I am new to blogging! ~ I love visiting Jeanne at A Bushel and A Peck ~ she is creative, inspiring, she takes amazing photographs and is witty and she is a mom with a heart of gold!  When you go visit her today ~ be sure and tell her I sent you!!  =)

Blogging for Bliss featured 60 other fabulous bloggers as well…

I plan on visiting each and every one… eventually!!  =)

Thank you Tara for writing this wonderful, helpful book ~

I can’t wait to read Blogging for Bliss!!


I plan on cozying up with my coffee and my copy of  Blogging for Bliss by TaraFrey today ….

right after …

I pick up my paintbrush again and finish painting my bathroom…

and after …

I sort and organize those large print photocopies …

after the Laundry I will wash, dry, sort and fold…

After I spend time with the beautiful child I educate…

After  My regularly scheduled coffee date with Tammy from Tammy’s Two Cents…

and after Girl Scouts, Soccer practice,  Playdates, etc.  =)


I am SITTING down with it right now……..


maybe after I visit some of you all in my wee blog community!

and ok…

after I spend some quality time educating my precious  Sammy … =)


I have the will power to keep my paws off my new treasure for a few more hours!

Now go and say hi to Jeanne!!

You will be glad you did!

and check out this book at

Happy Blogging today ladies (and gents if there are any visiting my blog yet) =)


so I guess this is sort of a review… except it really isn’t… as i just stumbled upon this book in the craft store… the title captured my attention… I loved it… had to have it… I am excited about it… and well… I am NOT being paid to write this amateur “review”!! =) I have a lot to learn about my writing style too!! I simply love the book, I think it is a treasure for someone like myself starting out in the blog world and when I find a good thing… I want to share it!

and for the record… I would have paid full price for it!!

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