Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty…

It is amazing how an animal can work its way into your heart…

and though they drive you up the wall…

You absolutely love them …

almost as much as you love your own flesh and blood offspring! =)

Sweet 4 year old Nelly …..

LOVES her food……..

She is an outdoor kitty…

who ALWAYS  comes home 3-4 times a day to E.A.T.

She even endures this….

a few times a day…

just so she can eat!

She spends half her day…

taking over MY decorating space…

sleeping on safe grounds……

Nelly is Abby’s kitty…

she loves a good snuggle with Abby…

Nelly is a fighter!

look at those war wounds!

(bad kitty killing birds!)

She is loved by her sister…. Nana…

Nelly has made her way into everyone’s hearts…

even Sammy’s heart…

who is usually too busy to be bothered with her…

Nelly and Nana joined our family in January 2007

She never EVER stays away from home longer than 1/2 a day…

Yesterday she did not come home all day…

after staying out all night…

Please come home Nelly…

You are making us very nervous…

Abby is keeping her pillow warm for you…

Please pray for Abby’s Kitty …
Pray that she is safe
Pray she will make it home soon….

I can not handle my little girl loosing another animal this year…

(its a long story… maybe later in the week)…

Excuse me…

I need to wipe the tears from my eyes before Abby sees me crying!

darn kitty!

and then I need to

“pull myself up by my bootstraps” …

as Pioneer Woman would say…

and go make a “missing Kitty signs”…

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty……….

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  • 1 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    ok, I’ll admit, I’m not a cat person…but that cat is pretty darn cute!

  • 2 Megan yazmış:

    Oh no! I hope Nelly is just off napping after partying all night. Praying she comes home soon!

  • 3 naomig yazmış:

    I’m deathly allergic to cats, so can’t be a cat person, but, I hope Abby’s cat makes it home safe. 🙁

  • 4 Kristi yazmış:

    Oh no, I hope that you find her soon. I’ve lost many cats in my day and it’s so sad. I’d help you put up signs if I lived closer 🙂

    Let us know when she comes back…

  • 5 Julianne yazmış:

    Oh dear…I hate that! Praying for the kitty cat..she will come home!

  • 6 Laura yazmış:

    Awww please go home Nelly!! I hope she returns soon, we don’t have pets but I can imagine how sad you are.

  • 7 Christy yazmış:

    She is adorable! Looks just like one of my husband’s family’s cats who lived with us for awhile. I hope she comes back soon! good luck and I’ll be praying for yall!

  • 8 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    I hope your kitty comes home soon. Pretty kitty – love those furry black and white babies.

  • 9 Darcie yazmış:

    Oh Jenn…I am worried right along with you! I am a cat lover and Nelly looks like one special cat!!! I so hope by the time you get this comment she is home right where she belongs. My heart is aching for you and your kiddos right now.

    Thanks too for checking in twice on Kinzie…she is doing much better this week…thanks for asking.

  • 10 Lemonade Makin' Mama yazmış:

    You have such a sweet heart… hoping that kitty comes home too!

    And as for your comment on my post yesterday, I just wipe my white surfaces a LOT… black dog hairs just get all over the place. Gah-ross. Lucy does stay in all day with us, more or less, but she hasn’t chewed up much of anything besides a pair of MY shoes. Why mine… I have no idea. LOL

    Girl, hang in there for your kiddos sake! May your kitty come home ASAP!

    Much love,

  • 11 kendra yazmış:

    Hope she comes home!

  • 12 Jules yazmış:

    Hope she comes home soon. We have an outside kitty who leaves us for hours at a time. Usually out hunting mice….yuck.

  • 13 Kathleen Smith yazmış:

    Here is hoping that she comes home soon. If she does, you just might want to make her an indoor kitty from here on out.

    Praying for your kitty’s safe return.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  • 14 Mrs. Dunbar yazmış:

    Oh no! I am praying that your kitty makes it home. I completely understand how animals work their way into our hearts, especially children. (I’ll be praying for your lil girl as well.)


  • 15 LeAnna yazmış:

    Awww, I hope kitty comes home! We have a really sweet cat, who happens to be quite the lioness when it comes to mousing. She went missing one day and I was SO upset, thinking she got killed or something. Fortunately (for us) she accidentally got locked in the outside shed and Hubby found her the evening she went missing. Slightly thirsty, but no worse for wear! She’s hub’s cat really, he saw her roaming through an architects office and commented on her, and they begged him to take her home because they had cat allergies! She’s due with kittens any day, then it’s off to the vet for a spay!

  • 16 Cindy yazmış:

    Dog lover here…but I sure know what it’s like to love a pet like crazy!!
    Hope she comes home soon!
    Enjoy the day!

  • 17 Tawny yazmış:

    Oh no, that is the worst, losing a pet that you had no idea you loved as much as you do. Hope she finds her way home soon and just went out exploring for a bit!
    Love seeing kids LOVE their animals, great shots!

  • 18 tara yazmış:

    oh this makes me so sad, I am such a kitty lover and i can tell you are too…maybe an animal lover! 🙂 I sure hope your kitty comes home, I love all these photos, what a sweetheart! thanks for visiting yesterday…nice to meet you! blessings, Tara

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