What is it about Black and White Animals ~

It is not what you think!

I did not go and buy another black and white animal!

I am not that crazy….

though I would love another puppy to entertain Merlin!

and Abby would LOVE another puppy…

it doesn’t help that …

Our neighbor brought home a sweet little white fur ball this week!

When we went to meet the cute little Lucas…

Abby leaned over and whispered “I need one of these mommy”  …

while she was playing with the sweet little white fur ball on our neighbors lawn!

next time I will snap pictures!   =)


Cooper ~ Came to play at our house over spring break.

My kids were so excited to have a guinea pig in the house for a week…

I agreed to help a friend knowing the kids would love it…

though I really don’t like rodents!  (eek)

The kids enjoyed laughing at playing with Cooper…

who basically eats and poops all day long.   (ew)

don’t look too closely at his back side…

it is not exactly all black fur…



twice a day the kids feed him and “played” with him on the bathroom floor …

which I had just cleaned !!

I suppose it is a good thing…

b/c kids on the bathroom floor isn’t my idea of germ free playing!

I think I am more of germ-a-phobic than I thought!  =)

Guinea Pigs are not exactly the cleanest of animals…

but the kids enjoyed him …

and we helped a friend… =)

Cooper was  a good distraction for them …

to keep their minds off the missing kitty *sigh*

Nelly has been gone one week now…


We have owls, coyotes and once or twice a cougar lurking  in our back “woods”…

we live on the green belt…

Nelly and Nana love hunting in there…

anything could have happened…

*sniff ~ sniffle ~ sob*


Cooper goes home today…

bub bye dirty smelly guinea pig!

The KIDS will miss you ~


If you will excuse me…

I need to go buy some new rubber gloves, room spray and more BLEACH!!!




The Shadows were my basil plant and the faucet and a couple planting pots… =)   you guys are so smart!

Over Spring Break …

We also had a little girls flower planting luncheon …

I will show you  how we made our own planting “pots”  tomorrow!  =)

11 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Debby yazmış:

    That guinea pig is adorable!

    I see you like camping and coffee…..me too!

  • 2 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    I hate it when the boys lie down on the bathroom floor to play….YUCK. Wash, wash, wash.

    I remember playing with my friend’s “rodents” when I was young too. I wanted one but my parents wouldn’t let me…now I know why!

    BTY, we don’t have Save-On-Foods here in Alberta…but I wish we did, my purses would be cheaper!

  • 3 a pocket full of posies yazmış:

    Too funny! (and my thoughts exactly!) and what a fun luncheon idea!!!- let’s do be neighbors! 🙂

  • 4 Amanda @ Serenity Now yazmış:

    He’s a cute little guy, but I don’t blame you for keeping him on the bathroom floor. 😉

  • 5 Darcie yazmış:

    🙁 As soon as I got on your blog I remember about your sweet kitty…sorry to read that she hasn’t returned. Just not right! That’s always the hard part of letting them outdoors…but that is where a cat likes to be too. Did I read the other cat is missing as well?

  • 6 Kathleen Smith yazmış:


    I just love black and white pets not sure quite why so Cooper would make for a lovely addition, just not in my home. Puppies, ferrets, and kitties, OK and maybe the occasional rabbit or duck. Did I mention that I just love ducks and have always wanted a pet duck, like Joey from Friends!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  • 7 Tawny yazmış:

    Well that was nice, just enough for the kids to enjoy and then send it home! I agree, I would “eek” over it too! I’m dreading the day that my kids “have to have” something like that! I’m happy that my Miss S is satisfied with those new Zhu Zhu things…my kind of rodents!!!
    I don’t live in OR 🙁 The Newport I was talking about is the one in CA…I’m a Cali girl 🙂 Though I would LOVE to go to OR! We were talking about planning a trip there…I will know who to ask when we do 🙂

  • 8 jeanne yazmış:

    Pretty cute…but still better in your house than mine:-)

  • 9 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    I agree…cute, but best admired on the bathroom floor! You’re a good mommy! 😉

  • 10 Tara yazmış:

    Thanks for stopping by….I wanted to let you know that the linky button is under the post…you’ll see a caption that will read “you may like these” with 3 pictures under it and then the linky button will be under those pictures.

    Welcome to blogging!!!

  • 11 Debby Pucci yazmış:

    I would be glad to see it gone too!
    Sorry about your kitty 🙁
    Have a nice weekend.

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