Making Our Own Seed Starting Pots ~

I am sharp as a Tack ~ Sharp as  a DULL tack anyway!!

I planned a little luncheon for Abby and her friends…

We found a great craft idea that was perfect for the little luncheon party!

It was on one of your lovely blogs ~ I can NOT remember Whose blog exactly?!!

~  SO please ~ please have pity on this extremely dull tack ~ tell me who you are so I can Shout you out instead of having this shameful admission of forgetfulness!

Now that we have cleared that up! =)

Lunch… flower shaped sandwiches, pringles, grapes and junior mints of course!

Here are the girls in the planting stage…

a blogger should know better and get pictures earlier!    =)

filling their handmade pots with dirt using dixie cups!

see the brown bag pots?

packing the dirt in the pots using dixie cups…

paintbrushes upside down work great for making holes …

to drop seeds in of course!

My little girls hands look just like my mom’s hands used to…


tiny little seeds…

we also decorated the bottom of milk jugs …

to place the little pots in ~ especially important during watering time!  =)

we used ribbon and hot glue…

and they wrote on scrapbook paper to label them~

I laminated their garden tags with packing tape!

cute, huh?!  =)

A quick tutorial on how to make the pots…

We used brown paper bags…

but the original idea I found had used newspaper!!  =)

cut the brown bags about this big…

it was just the right size for the mini pop cans we used to roll them on!  =)

fold the paper in half

cut scrap book paper strips about the same length for decorating the top …

if you are having a fancy garden party!  =)

Roll the paper around a MINI coke can…

9 oz… 90 calories!  too funny…

tape it and pull it off the can about half way…

I used the top of the pop can to fold on….

the top of the pop can is flatter =) !

don’t forget to tape it!


wrap the strip of cute paper on the top~

write the seed name if you are being fancy!

Fill with dirt, plant seeds, place in your fancy recycled milk jug, place in a window and don’t forget to water!! =)

while we were happily busy making pots and planting flowers ~

MERLIN ~ was also happily busy ~

Doing this to Emily’s shoes!! * UGH!!! *

BAD DOG Merlin!! *sigh*

We hide guests shoes in the bathroom by the sink ~ or the office ~ or the garage!

But sometimes the door gets left open ~

and when mommy is busy…

Bad dog!!

Sammy had a friend over for lunch too!

They didn’t want to plant flowers though… =)

I think they played Lego and spied on us!!

Good times!

If I thought for a minute that Merlin would leave a veggie garden alone …

I would make a bunch of these ~ less fancy ~ maybe even use the newspaper ~
and plant my little heart out! But … I think not this year!!

First, I need to train him to stop digging in my back yard and build a fence!!

Now to find the money for that fence!!

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