Lucky Me ~

Why is it that I find so many of these ~

the darn things never bring me any luck ~

I mean really ~

every time I go outside I find 1 of these….

or 12 ~

The kids still find it exciting …

even though we have about 300 of the darn things!!!

This one we found yesterday…

It is “perfect”…

Love~ly !


That really had nothing to do with anything…

except that I keep finding the darn things!

Maybe …

if I start hosting giveaways….

I will include a Lucky clover for each lucky winner?!

Do you host giveaways??

I am still on the fence… watching… wondering…


I am obsessed with rain drop pictures right now…

I am AMAZED at what my Little Nikon Coolpix L100 can do!

There is something so INCREDIBLE about rain drops on plant life?!

I can’t stop snapping these boring Cool pictures~!

Oh… the detail on a blade of grass…

and the flowering trees… *sigh*  magical!

if I didn’t have a life…

I would stop every 2 minutes to snap a few shots…

every where I go!

I mean what on earth am I going to do with ALL these plants shots anyway?!

besides    bore show  my blog friends!  =)

I love this plant…

it will grow huge and sport beautiful attractive flowers …

It will attract humming birds, butterflies and bees!

see the flower buds…

beginning to bloom…

I love Spring!

The informal name is called Keys of Heaven…

purchased at


It is a Mail order nursery…great coupons…

beautiful flowers, plants, veggies, trees, shrubs!!

endless supply of blissful plants to buy!

If only I had an endless supply of time and money…

I would go crazy!!

If you love gardening…

and you have never been to  ~go check it out!

I have purchased shrubs, fruit trees, lilies!!, flowers…

gardening happiness!!

Those little babies are going to be apples!

I bought this tree from Gurney’s too!!

Last year 5 beautiful little apples grew…

but I had to pluck them!

It helps the tree grow … I think!?

I might have to pluck them this year too…

I cheat and let them at least turn into little apples before I pluck!

Next year we might actually get to eat fruit! ??

This little sweet heart is going to give us Saskatoon Berries one day!

I picked up this baby at a bare root sale… (cheap cheap! $3.oo !)

Since there is a 50/50 split of Canadian blood in the house…

I thought we should have Canadian berries!  =)

This beautiful lilac was purchased at the wonderful  local bare root nursery sale too… cheap cheap… $5.oo!!

Lilacs were my mom’s favorite plant.. =)

I Also bought some re-blooming lilacs from another lovely online company…

it is supposed to re-bloom all summer long…

I will let you know if it does…=)

It came from ~

They also have great coupons and an excellent selection of plants too!!

I love a great sale/coupon!!

and NO ~ I was not paid nor did I receive any kick backs for promoting Gurneys or Spring Hill… but I would happily take cash if anyone is offering… Gurneys?  Spring Hill??!  =)

Walking through my yard, the neighborhood, driving through our lovely little town… there is so much spring beauty to enjoy!  I have been soaking it all up ~ and playing with my camera!! (my camera was new at Christmas… so this is my first spring with it!)  =)  Hope you enjoyed a mini tour of my yard…

One last thing…

Look what I was holding in my hot little hand last night………..

I can’t wait to bake the perfect pie crust…

or the Angel Sugar Cookies!

I finally took the time to go out alone and search for it!!

I can’t wait to have it signed tomorrow… =)

Mr. McFunny and I are going to have a “date” in the Seattle area tomorrow…

including a trip to a bookstore to see PW!!

I will tell you all about it on Sunday or Monday!


A date day with my favorite husband in the whole world!

and my gem of a man is going to go to see PW with me!!

Lucky Me!!  =)

19 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Debby Pucci yazmış:

    I bought the book but haven’t even looked through it yet. Love the pictures, especially the drops of water.
    Can’t believe you found so many four leaf clovers!

  • 2 Lori yazmış:

    Wow, I can’t believe you have all those 4 leaf clovers! I haven’t seen a 4 leaf clover in a long time! Maybe I just need to look harder….

  • 3 Lindsay yazmış:

    Hi Jenn
    Loved the tour of your yard. Everything looks so pretty and springlike. Your pictures are amazing. Loved them all.
    Enjoy your time in Seattle. Look forward to hearing all about PW.

  • 4 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    Love the pictures of the water drops! So pretty. I just love then everything starts turning green here.

    I have been to the Pioneer Woman website so I can only imagine her book is amazing! Happy cooking.

  • 5 julianne hendrickson yazmış:

    You will be SO glad to have that cookbook -I am obsessed with it!!!

  • 6 Darcie yazmış:

    Love those pictures…you have a great little camera, but of course I like to give credit to the one behind the camera. I could have the most expense one and still not manage to capture good pictures…I guess I could always learn.

    Have a great weekend and you certainly got luck on your side. 🙂

  • 7 Tammy yazmış:

    Have a fun date with your hubby! Great pics!

  • 8 naomig yazmış:

    I’m impressed with the quality of those pics. We are going camping this weekend, otherwise I’d be meeting PW with ya. 🙂 Anyway, I LOVE her cookbook. I have tried so many recipes out of it, and they are really good, and with stuff I already have in my pantry. Also, I have gotten a ton of stuff from Gurneys, and my favorite thing about them is their no questions asked free replacement policy. 🙂

  • 9 No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane yazmış:

    PLEASE blog about meeting Ree!!!!!!! I must know what it is like!

  • 10 sandra yazmış:

    SO glad you stopped by to visit! I’m really enjoying your blog…and what a great photographer you are. There’s nothing boring about pictures after a rainstorm. You live in a very green part of the world!!! Lovely!

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m looking forward to keeping in touch.

  • 11 Amy yazmış:

    luck and a great cook book.. That is just wonderful…

  • 12 Heather@TripleBlessing yazmış:

    Wow! Those four leaf clovers are amazing!! 🙂
    So you met Ree???
    Thank you for the super sweet comments on my blog too! 🙂

  • 13 Amber yazmış:

    Seriously… have got to be the luckiest women in the world!!!!!!

    I have a FREE giveaway on my blog. Come by and make sure you enter to win!!!! Your gonna LOVE it!

  • 14 Rhonda yazmış:

    I love your pics of the raindrops…not boring at all. How cool that you will be seeing the PW, and to be on a date with hubby….love it!

    Have a great weekend! Sounds like you will.

  • 15 Natasha yazmış:

    I have never found a 4 leafed clover! I wish I could. I am loving these beautiful pictures too…the rain series! Just gorgeous.

    I had a give-away to celebrate 200 followers and it was nice. I think I will do another in a few months…maybe when I hit 400 followers.

    Have a great PW time with hubby! I haven’t got the book but I do use the recipes that are on the site. The book looks fantastic!

    Best wishes,

  • 16 Tami yazmış:

    Wasn’t it fun seeing Ree? Nice to meet you too and thanks for your visit to my blog.

    You take gorgeous photos! Wow.

    I think your husband was very brave to go to see PW with you. And then to have to stand in line with that LouD group from Lynden! He’s a trooper.

    Oh, and I do have a followers deal, it’s on my profile. I think.

  • 17 Leslie Honcoop yazmış:

    Hi Jenn!
    It’s Leslie (the verbose one) from the PW signing yesterday. It was fun to meet you, and to now have another blog to follow…Blog addict here!

    I didn’t say a thing to Ree either, pretty much, except “Thanks for coming to Seattle.” Original, huh.

    Oh well…It was a great day anyway! And part of the fun was meeting another blogger along the way.

    Love your plant pics…Nice to know what kind of camera you use…I’m in the market for one.

    I’ll look forward to a PW post!

  • 18 Tawny yazmış:

    I’m still so jealous you got to meet her!!! So neat!
    I can’t believe you find so many of those 4 leaf clovers! I have NEVER found one in my life! So your find is amazing to me!

  • 19 Liv Ebdon yazmış:

    I love your blog … such fun to read!!!