Lofty Goals ~

Yep… you guessed it…

no first ever Seizing My Day giveaway today…


I am sorry!!

PLEASE forgive me?!!

It  IS  worth all this suspense !!

I think…

Apparently I had Lofty goals for a weekend home alone

with the kids


the dog…

so I guess I wasn’t alone…

I was just missing the hubby…  =)

I DID feed my children

and clean a bit of my house ~ with bleach

I did sort some laundry

and clean my floors

nope ~ no sir ~  not mopping

just sweeping and vacuuming

I did attended a soccer game ~ my little girls team won again!!

go Cheetahs!

I did pay a bill or two

and chat on the phone with 2 friends I have not talked to in a long time

I did read a few blogs

and do a little home school project updating

I did help little girl with an upcoming Girl Scout project

and wash a couple loads of dishes

Have I ever mentioned I hate the “house wife” part of the stay home mommy job!  =)

I DID WEAR the DOG out ~

4 trips to the local school yard in 2 days

and I did bake warm banana zucchini muffins just now so the house smells like baking when Mr. McGeek gets home …

whew ~ I am tired!

I think I wore the mommy out too!

Anywho ~ yep ~ I said anywho it is  one of my pretend words!

How does Wednesday sound for my giveaway?!!

tease, tease, tease…

I will say this…

it IS something to do with my day in Seattle…

remember the day I met Ree?!!  (wink, wink)

can you believe I am going to post without a photo??!

what is wrong with me?!



if you will excuse me …

I need to go figure out how to get that random generator thing on my blog so I can do my exciting give away on Wednesday!!  =)

y’all come back now ya hear!

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