Mr. Mailman, Bring Me A Postcard …

So as you some of you know ~ I home school my little boy ~

he sees the world with 20/200 vision ~

where as the rest of us view the world at 20/20.

He is a  Delightful little man, I enjoy spending my days with him!

and ~ some areas of schooling are challenging for us both..


the sky is the limit when it comes to projects!

Projects can be created to suit his vision with little to no challenges!

unlike math, reading and well… sports!  ugh!


I love this current project involving the mailman!!  =)

It all started with a map.

Learning the fun facts about each state

and coloring the State worksheets

and locating the States on this great map is fun and all…

But then…

I found this little article in my Dec/Jan Family Fun Magazine…

about a post card project…

collecting postcards from family, friends, connections from all over the USA!

How cool is that!!

Not only did I love love the idea ~

I had to take it one step further

b/c I like to complicate things a little!

So I did this……….

this is the best part

I love love this part !  =)

YES… Canada is a lot smaller than the US…

you see…

I enlarged the USA one day…

at a public school program for home schooled kids …

another story for another day!


I went back the next day to enlarge Canada …

without measuring the width of the USA…



ah well ~ on the humor side ~ I came home that day announcing

“honey I blew up Canada today”

* ahem*  oops that sounded wrong!!

um… I enlarged Canada today!!


We would love love your help with this project!!

you see…

I posted on Facebook and asked family and friends to help out…

and we have had some great postcards  come in!

But not nearly as many as we had hoped!!

sniff!  we are very shy of our goal!

We would love to collect All 50 states, All Provinces and one from each continent!

Oh… in the Family Fun mag… they did NOT enlarge the countries…

Making a giant map was my spin on the project!

I figured it would be exciting to fill the map!!

and the kids LOVE it ~ yay!  =)

Though I only home school Sammy ~

both he and Abby LOVE getting the postcards in the mail

and reading the fun facts about each state

that our friends or family have written about on the back of each one!

Here is a closer look at where post cards have arrived from already

Mexico, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Israel, England, Dubai and India

I have a couple friends who travel  a lot!!  =)

Thank you Derek, Amy and Auntie Margaret and Uncle Peter!!

British Columbia and Alberta from Canada so far …

Thank you grandma & grandpa and the Morris Family!!

Washington not pictured… ahem… we live in Wa!!  ha ha!

I did finally put it up after this picture!

Oregon, California, Nevada, Wyoming, Texas, Minnesota, Michigan and Colorado…

Thank you Jer, The Berbells, Aunt Linda, Jon & Barb, Jane and The Messings!

SO  ~  How can you help?!   Thanks for asking!!

If your state is not listed above…

could you, would you, with a stamp,

Help our postman fill our map??!!

(ok ok I know that didn’t completely rhyme… but it was clever… no?  yes?  =)

Now ~ I am a mom ~

I have been known to BRIBE when I really really want something done!

remember I have like 300 of these?

Sammy and I actually picked these babies today ~ before the rain!  =)


I am happy to send one or two 4 leaf clovers

to each person who sends my babies a State  postcard!

only one of each state though ~ we will have to play a game!

there is one teensy tiny request…

We would love love to have the Name of your State on the front of the Postcard!

and fun facts about your city or state

(other than the capital or state bird … we got that covered!)

anyone?   Beuler?! Beuler?  (spelling?)

So ~ if your state is already listed above ~ you are already out of the game

I am sorry!! =)

(which automatically axes like 50 % of my readers  as I am sure most of you all are from Sunny California!! )

But ~ if you do not see your state, province or country listed under each map ~

Please please comment ~ with the name of your state!~

First willing soul to comment from each state wins the clover!

I will connect with the winner via email to seal the deal!

My kids will happily fill out either a postcard for your kids…

with a 4 leaf clover attached to it!!  or just a clover!  your choice!!

Please  consider helping Mr. Mailman bring us a Postcard from your State!

I am sorry to those of you whose states we already have!!

In time ~

I will come up with other clever ways for ya all to win lucky 4 leaf clover from our crop!

Bless You All for reading my madness ~

and coming back to laugh at with me

or cry with me

or be crafty or clever with me

or just be with me!

one more sleep until my giveaway!


OH ~  I will also do a weekly shout outs with my updated map!!

for those lovely kind folks who send us a postcard!! =)

17 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 jennifer yazmış:

    We’d be happy to send you a postcard from Ontario, Canada.
    Where do I send it?

  • 2 LeAnna yazmış:

    Would love to send you one from Oklahoma! Just e-mail me where and who to address it to!

  • 3 Annie yazmış:

    Count us in for Sunny Florida!
    We;re actually doing something similar for my nephew who lives in Georgia. He is in 3rd grade and his class sent out “Flat Stanley”— have you seen the book? So cute!

  • 4 Aundrea yazmış:

    We would love to help out from South Carolina!! Thank you for the comment on my blog! I have just been able to read your and I love it!! Looking forward to getting to know you too!! 🙂

  • 5 kendra yazmış:

    Well I’m in Montana and would love to send you a postcard from here! Just email me your address! 🙂 What a great idea, too, by the way!

  • 6 Tammy yazmış:

    My parents are in Arizona (I think) right now…next time I talk to them, I will have them pick up cards along the way home from each state…did you have London? I think I can get one from there the next time my sis goes. Too bad I didn’t know this before my inlaws went to Italy! They are there right now…oh well!

  • 7 Kristi yazmış:

    Oh my gosh, this is such a cute idea. I see you already have California so I can’t be in the running. Let me know if someone does not claim Oklahoma and I might be able to get my sister to send you one.

  • 8 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    Of course I will help…put me down for Wisconsin…I could have walked about 2 miles and gotten you one from Minnesota, too (I live on the border of both states – on the WI side, though…) but I see you already have MN. 🙂 send me an email. I know you have that address. 😉

  • 9 naomig yazmış:

    Oh, what a great project! I love it!! I can do the washington one, if no one has sent you one from there! 🙂

  • 10 Darcie yazmış:

    Ok…sign me up for IA and IL…I will get back to you with a few others I might have, but I can guarantee those first two. Just shoot me your address.

  • 11 Kathleen Smith yazmış:

    Since you already have one from California, I know how much fun this process can be. Here is hoping that God will bless you in getting all the postcards and enjoy learning more and more about the different places they all come from.

    By the way love your four leaf clovers. Where did you get them?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  • 12 Lindsay yazmış:

    This is such a fun idea. We can send more from England if you like. Kids love collecting things like that. My daughter started collecting the state quarters when we last visited the US.

  • 13 Laura yazmış:

    What a cool idea, how fun!! I’m in WI! 🙂

  • 14 blueviolet yazmış:

    Well, doggone it. You’ve gone and covered Michigan already!

  • 15 Misty Dawn yazmış:

    I can send one from Missouri! You don’t have to send me anything in return… just an e-mail with your address. 🙂

  • 16 Beth yazmış:

    Love this idea…I’m a new follower…found you via PW! I can send one from Ohio! Still need one of those? And I can get you one from Indiana when we visit Lake Michigan (yes, in Indiana) in June…if you still need one, that is! And we might venture over to Chicago, so I could get you one in Illinois if you still need it then. and we may get over to Michigan, too. I’ll keep an eye open to see where you are at in June and if you are still needing any of those great states on your ginormous map!

  • 17 abby yazmış:

    I can send one from Kentucky! Horse capital of the world!