The Pioneer Woman Cooks and a Giveaway!

Remember the day I went to get this signed?

April 17 ~ Seattle ~ Third Place Books ~ group E ~ 7:00 – 8:00 pm

I love love love my Pioneer Woman cookbook !

Ree Drummond likes to cook with pictures and butter

I love that about the P-Dub !

Ree Drummond is The Pioneer Woman ~ you all know that right!?~

Ree started blogging in 2006 ~

I started blogging 77 days ago!

I think it took less than a week for me to realize that

EVERYONE in blog land talked about the Pioneer Woman~

So I went to investigate ~ naturally ~ and I found out that

Ree Drummond is hysterical !

and you all know ~ I love to laugh ~ with tears streaming down my face!

I crave laughter like that!

if you have never visited The Pioneer Woman’s blog ~

What is wrong with you?!

Did I say that outloud?

Sorry~ I can’t help myself sometimes!  =)

Really ~ if you have never been on her blog ~ Go now ~

You will not regret it!


Oh …

My Giveaway ~ right!

While I was having MY cookbook signed here

see ~ me and Ree ~

at which time I was a total dork *cough*

Do you see there are actually 2 cookbooks sitting there with me and Ree?

I know I know that is NOT proper grammar ~ but it rhymes!


Do you see she is talking to me for  a few seconds there…

she just read the ‘hint’ for whom she should sign the book

and turned to tell me I was sweet (I think ~ remember I was a bit starstuttered)

This is what I asked her to write…

Can you read her writing?


WHAT? ~ you figured it out already!?!  fine.

This is what you will get if you win!!!

SO ~ I suppose this is the part where I tell you the rules ~

oh no !


You know about me and rules.

But, I do obey some rules.

the important ones.

Like if I really really wanted to win a signed copy of Ree’s cookbook!

=)  wink wink

So ~ My giveaway is only open to USA and Canada ~ I am sorry!

This one is completely out of my pocket folks!

and these pockets are not deep!

Here is what I came up with.

I like the number 3 ~

SO you will have 3 chances to win.

1.   Follow  Seizing My Day via Google Connect ~

and leave me a comment telling me you are a follower.

If you are already following ~ easy sneezy ~ just leave the comment love =)!

2.  Blog about My Giveaway

and then come back and leave me a comment

on this post with the URL so I can come read it!

3. Go visit The Pioneer Woman

and Leave her a comment in her cooking section ~

tell her you are trying to win her cookbook on my blog!

Of course, you need to come back and tell me what number in her comments you are (like  Cinnamon Toast Post # 735) ~

that cracked me up!!  😉

I might go check!

Then I will put your name in the hat again!

Her cooking post right now (midnight) is  about Cinnamon Toast ~ hysterical as always!  I was commenter number 800 and something!   I love that gal for makin me laugh so darn much!

The hat ~ Yep ~ I am doing this the old fashioned way ~

and this little cowgirl is going to be my assistant

OK ~ she really isn’t a cowgirl ~

but she did have a Horse themed birthday party 2 years ago ~

and her mommy DID teach them all the Achy Breaky Heart Dance !

while the little cuties wore the little white hats!


I hope that I don’t end up with 37,000 entries!  =)

This is in fact My first Ever Giveaway ~

Shall I give y’all a week to enter?!

I love the number 7 also~

yep ~ 7 days ~

So I will announce the winner Next Thursday ~ on the 8th day ~

I am real good at this giveaway stuff ~ shall I do this for a living?

ha ha!

Maybe I shouldn’t quit my day job!

it is really late ~ and I have been on the phone a LOT this week ~

I’ll  splain later!  but that means

I am not getting much done this week!  ugh!

Like reading your blogs!

So I am just sayin ~ hope I said everything I need to say!

and today all day … in my spare time… I am going to visit y’all!


This has nothing to do with my giveaway ~ but

My little man and I were on a flower/plant/tree exploring adventure today~

and this caught my eye

so I snapped a picture

and now I realize He or She fits right in really ~

If you know the P-Dub ~

you know exactly why this little happy tail wagger

fits into my PW Giveaway!

Sorry folks ~ the dog will not come with the cookbook!

Oh ~ please please make sure your blog name/url is connected to your comments!  A few of my regular commenting friends blogs never show up in the comments ~ while others do ~  why is that?!

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