Cannon Beach Just Called…

Apparently there is a therapy appointment open


I may have told the hubby that going to Cannon Beach

is the ONLY thing I want for Mothers Day!

and if we camp..

it is in our budget…

our after and in between my expensive dental work budget!!

Little blessings!!

I will take the beach any way I can get it right now!!

We are taking “that Dog” with us…

Hope he doesn’t chew up the tent…

or our sleeping bags…

or our pillows…

or… or… or…

it doesn’t matter…….

I heart the beach!!

My happiest Place in “my” real world!!  =)

I will be unplugged until Sunday night!

I will look forward to reading all about your Mother’s Day weekends!!

Happy Mothers Day Ladies!!

ta ta ~  Jenn ~

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