Find Bliss Here ~

Ya hoo

The Happiest Place on Earth!

we heart the beach!

Look at all that BLUE sky!!

Life is grand at the beach!

2 days of Sun!

with nothing to do

except have fun

a little wave jumping

looking at the tide pool creatures

What is that white dot in the center of the pink??


amazing creatures really

simple beauty

in such small creatures

thousands of them!


just a few of these =)

There were hundreds of

gulls flying free in the breeze

hours of entertainment

Surrounded by God’s beautiful creations

Hours and hours of fun!

Mothers Day was windy windy

great for the kite flying =)

Can you imagine?

I wish I lived there!!  =)

I love the smell of the salty, sea air…

ah ha ha ha ha

(wish we could take the credit for building that!)

Cannon Beach =

Hours of Bliss!

Sun Kissed faces …

Sandy feet and all!


I heart Cannon Beach!~

Thank You Wally for the Fabulous Mothers Day “present”


Thank you Lord for making Cannon Beach!

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