It started with a weed or two~

I woke up today with the itch to get out and weed…

I love weeding

my body on the other hand

does not!

but I started weeding this flower bed anyway..

the one that I redo every other season!

Have I mentioned I have trouble with decorating?

I think that applies to flower bed decorating too…

notice all that open space I need to fill…


I don’t want to talk about that part!

girls can be so indecisive sometimes!

I have changed this flower bed sixteen hundred times

in the short 3 years we have owned this house!

I don’t really want to talk about how I ended up

ripping up these stones either!

what was I thinking?!

did you notice how many there are?

go ahead… go back and look …

well … the picture doesn’t really show exactly how many there were!

don’t let the size of those stones fool ya ~

those suckers are heavy when you are a wimp old out of shape

well… they are just heavy ok!

and if your dad offers you “old” stones from his yard

don’t say yes

just don’t.

So I weeded  AND  removed all the stones

for Mr. McGardener to haul to the back for me

since I seem to need them back there now…

SO ~ while I was grooming that flower bed…

Mr. McGardener was weeding and edging this front bed for me!

apparently I like Linear landscaping…


and this

this is the builders idea of a front porch…

so this area is waiting

waiting for me to talk Mr. McGardener into taking up concrete pouring!

to make this weird little  porch a little tiny bit bigger… =)

Anywho ~ While Mr. McGardener was busy moving all those stones

I moved to the side of the house to weed out my lilac beds

they used to be 3 little round circles around the base of the plants

apparently I wanted another linear flower bed instead


The middle lilac is a 9 year old lilac

grown from a shoot from my mom’s lilac the year she died

That lilac will move with me wherever I go


not that I am moving anytime soon

even though I do have the itch =)

I shouldn’t talk about it

or Mr. McGrumpy will hear. =)

speaking of Mr. McGrumpy…

he finished hauling my stones to the back

and was busy edging and weeding a couple beds in the back for me…

like this one

That holds this beauty

Keys of Heaven

ain’t she lovely!!

it is also the one

that holds the apple trees

that you can hardly see

that the deer ATE down to the bone

STUPID lovely deer who need to eat

but really could ya eat something else besides my fruit trees?!!

there will be no apples this year


not even a few baby ones like I had last year



and this

and this

is what I have left

instead of this

and this.


Good bye Gala apple tree…


I needed the bricks in the back

so I could change this area

where Merlin likes to dig

and Nana likes to leave her dead mouse heads

among other nasty dead things


I did THIS with THAT area today…

apparently I went with a linear look




Tomorrow if the rain stays away…

I will make a few little raised beds under that window

in hopes of keeping a kitty

and her dead things

out of that area!!

and hopefully keep that dog

and his paws from mischief!

This ridiculously long post about nothing

wouldn’t be complete with out a little Merlin mischief

Bad dog Merlin!!

This guy…

The tired grumpy one…

He worked hard for me today ~ edging, weeding, shoveling, hauling and dumping!  I forgot to take a picture of  another long linear bed in the back that he worked on… I think we each tackled three beds… six in all.

Thank you darling Mr. !!


now if you will excuse me now

felling a little tired


hosted by Cyndy at Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional

19 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 dysfunctional mom yazmış:

    Sounds like we had a similar weekend!

  • 2 JDaniel4's Mom yazmış:

    I love he linear look. The yard looks great!

  • 3 Cindy yazmış:

    Wow…what a weekend!
    We did some planting of our own.
    But we have a lot of rounded beds..not many linear ones!!:)
    Enjoy the day!

  • 4 Amy yazmış:

    Wow it looks so nice..

    Great job on the hard work..

    Happy Monday..

  • 5 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    You love weeding??? Please move to Wisconsin. I need you to move in next door. I would post a picture of my gardens, except I would be too embarrassed. The best perk of my MS is that I can’t manage to weed anymore. I am so pumped. Only thing is, my kids are worthless when it comes to weeding. So, my flower beds now are being overtaken. Help!!!!

  • 6 Bringing Pretty Back yazmış:

    that looks like HARD work! but, what great exercise and it looks great! I live the fact you have a lilac bush that is part of your mom’s.

  • 7 Pam D yazmış:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog (I Heart Faces entry). I just read this post and now I think I need a nap! I’m cracking up at the linear beds…. there’s nothing wrong with good, straight lines! You have some lovely flowers and a lovely Mr. Grumpy Gardener, too….

  • 8 blueviolet yazmış:

    Your beds look wonderful to me and I’d be inclined to go linear with them as well. I wish mine were as clean and lovely as yours. The previous owners planted a lot of perennials that wander and wander and wander…ugh!

  • 9 Darcie yazmış:

    WOW! You really must love weeding. You weren’t lying were you. If you should get bored I have a few flowerbeds that could use some help. Looks great Jenn!

  • 10 Tammy yazmış:

    we worked in the yard too!

  • 11 Jemm yazmış:

    We love to garden here too. I majored in horticulture. That sounds good doesn’t it? Well, my garden is not horticulture-majoring-like. You’ve accomplished the very hardest part. Planting is the best part 🙂

    P.S. Nice meeting you!

  • 12 Megan yazmış:

    Thanks for stopping over and becoming a follower. I love finding new blogs to follow! You have been a busy couple this weekend! I love the hand up, not wanting a picture, my husband does that too! I’d love to see what your raised beds look like when you get them done!


  • 13 Kathleen Smith yazmış:

    You are so much like me, I started out with meandering curves in my rose bed and found out when you had to maintain the lawn on the other side of those, unless you use a weed trimmer than it’s a pain to maintain both sides of the lines, so now like you I have linear planting beds and it makes life so much simpler.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  • 14 Beka yazmış:

    Ha, love the ramble on how heavy those things are;)
    Beautiful lilacs–we have a nice sized bush/tree of it in our backyard. End of April-beginning of May is its best time. 🙂 Then we bring in a picking of the blossoms nearly everyday, and the house smells extraordinary!
    Thanks for following:) I’m looking forward to reading more of you:)

  • 15 Beka yazmış:

    p.s. I’m following you now:) That’s the picture with a green mug of chai in her face;)

  • 16 Julie yazmış:’s looking so lovely.

    I have never woken up with the “itch” to weed! How does that happen! ha ha

  • 17 Becky @ Farmgirl Paints yazmış:

    Ugh! I’m not a gardener either. When we get home that’s #1 on our to-do list. I’m going to plant a salsa garden. Hopefully it will fair better than last year’s. Good luck:)

  • 18 Steph yazmış:

    Yay for summer! Yay for gardening! one question from a newbie gardener….how do you know what a weed is???

  • 19 naomig yazmış:

    YOU LOVE WEEDING?! Please come visit me?! Please?!