Jenn’s List ~

While I am on the subject of Frog and Toad… (kinda)

since I have not posted in 3 days?

Jenn ~ hello ~ where are you?

what is wrong with me? =)

let me tell you.

This man was brilliant!  I LOVE his books.

I have read them to my kids since they were too young to remember!

I am not distracted

I promise

you see

Today and Yesterday and the day before~

I woke up feeling like Toad.

Toad is grumpy.  and lazy.

and well ~ I was tired too.

My husbands sister and her clan are on their way to our house right now ~

from BC, Canada…a 4-5 hour drive…

they are planning to have a fun rainy day in Seattle on their way down.

which buys me at least 3 more hours =)

anyway TODAY ~ I don’t have time to be tired, grumpy, lazy etc.

All  week I have had this mental list ~

of a billion things I need to do

in order to host a family of five for the whole weekend

especially since my “guest room” is my one and only family~ living room! =)

So I have had this list in my head…

but I did not really tap into much this week

Since I was being Toad-ish all week…

So this morning…

I had to do this

Jenn sat in bed… and wrote a list

just like toad’s


he is so smart to write wake up on his list

and then cross it off…

smart Toad ~ that is why I like him so much =)

Toad’s list was way more fun than mine

I have one or two of those things on my list


I DID wake up

and cross it off  =)

I forgot to write a few things


*write a funny blog post*

or eat breakfast

make lunch

eat lunch

I left off the simple things

what is wrong with me?! =)

oh ~

maybe because I wrote my list after only having ONE  mug of coffee!

maybe I should drink a gallon! =)  (yikes)


I am crossing things off my list


wake up kid

wake up other kid

mommy is making your ovaltine milk

don’t judge me …

it has vitamins in it  =)

hang on I am crossing this off my list


now the real fun begins

i forgot a few things on my list

but my mental list is kicking in now


*crack open this book

do you recognize it?

I have this thing about book sleeves

i hate them

my daughter has requested I make a few things from this sweet book

for the cousins and their parents while they are here

I think she wants them for herself too

since she asks for this recipe EVERY DAY

not kidding folks. every day.  its true.  ask Mr. McFunny.


the scones are my idea.

I need them. really.

and little requested these

I guess I need sour cream

LOTS of sour cream

put it on the list =)

and she really wants  these


what do you think I am kid?

a cooking baking machine?

but YUM

I can do it


never mind the cousins will ask for Uncle Wally’s  nutella crepes

better buy more Nutella! and eggs!

Wally  is mr. mcfunny’s other nick name

My mental list DOES include grocery shopping

since my fridge is bare

really bare =)

AND there are  no bones in the cupboard either

Thank you Mother Hubburd for giving your dog the last bone! rude.

I guess I need to add a roast, butter, flour, butter, flour,

butter and flour to my shopping list!

never mind we are almost out of TP!

you can’t have 9 people in your house with no TP!!

What I am trying to say is

I am sorry I have been neglecting my blog

and well your blogs too

very unlike me to go 3 days without posting or reading much!

I have been so  busy

Cleaning …


no small affair when you REALLY let your house go recently..

what is wrong with me??

just call me Toad.

anyway Sammy’s room needed to be cleaned

2 cousins sleep in there with him

and play.

you couldn’t even walk in there!!

these pictures are about 2 hours into the process ~ darn!!

why did I forget to take pictures earlier?!

embarrassment?  =)

on our way into the sorting room

seriously he has more little tiny things than his sister

reptiles, lego, tinker toys, kinex, cars, marbles, animals, playmobile, did I say LEGO?

at what age shall I expect Sammy to be able to sort all by himself??

so many tiny toys


keep in mind the kid’s vision is 20/200 ~

not 20/20.



we also FINALLY talked the kids into letting us remove slides from the their beds

WAY more room to roam!!

and we spent a couple hours cleaning their rooms with them

well… mostly I just vacuumed Abby’s room

and she “cleaned”

well… she really didn’t clean

she piled everything onto shelves, toy boxes, and tables…

she picked things up off the floor  =)

getting closer to independent cleaning!!

at least her and the girly cousin can sleep on a clean floor!


I neglected your blogs so I could clean 3 of these as well

we have one living area and 3 bathrooms??

what is wrong with builders these days?

how much time does one spend in each of those rooms

you do the math.

hello!!    =)


So honestly ~

I love ya all ~

I don’t mean to neglect ya all!

while I was sorting, cleaning and scrubbing…

I just have this g-i-norm-ous list that I have been tackling

so that I am not TOO embarrassed when my husbands family arrive later today!

*hey do you think I should tell my in-laws that I blog?  =)

5 months later?

wow ~ I have been blogging 5 months!!

time flys when you are having fun! eh?!  =)


please forgive me =)

I have been busy

tackling my real list

OK ~ it is 10 am

I need to say goodbye for the weekend ~

I am about to tackle the worst part ~

the counter!  ugh!


why can I not keep THIS COUNTER clear of clutter?!!


I need this counter with 9 people in my house!!!

The counter mess ….

it overflows

onto 3 ~ yes 3 ~ book shelves just to the left of THE counter ~


and then ~ I must go buy my butter and TP

and cook

and bake

and bake

you see

the smell of baking

makes up for any dust bunnies that I probably left behind

the end.

see y’all on Monday

unless I sneak a few minutes to check in

in between shopping, chopping, cooking, baking, baking and baking.


i am done


13 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Nancy yazmış:

    I love Frog and Toad.. that was one of my favorite books as a kid.

  • 2 citymouse yazmış:

    I feel your pain! I have known for weeks that my two sons will be home soon and I have a gigantic list to accomplish before then but I keep telling myself I have time. Now I have one week till one comes home and 2 weeks till the other comes home (bringing along his roommate, who has never been here). I am already beating myself up because I know that means I’ll be up till midnight every night next week. Why do I do this to myself?

  • 3 Kathleen Smith yazmış:

    Wow Jenn,

    Just reading this blog of all the things you had to prepare for this visit makes me want to head back to bed and pull the covers over my head.

    However, I know you will be blessed just have them visit and a way to keep the kids busy. Enjoy this time and we’ll see you again when you have time again. No worries!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  • 4 Janna yazmış:

    My counter looks like your about 5 minutes after I clean it. Everytime. Good luck with your list.

  • 5 Cindy yazmış:

    Thanks Jenn!
    I needed this funny post!
    I have been having a grumpy Toad kind of day myself…and I don’t even have company coming!!
    I was just wondering about you this morning!:)
    Have a great weekend and remember to B R E A T H E!

  • 6 Julianne yazmış:

    Eeek! This is why I am not ready for children. They are a blessing I will some day enjoy, but for now, I appreciate having time and space to myself! Love you for all your true wisdom.

  • 7 Amy yazmış:

    Wow what a busy time in your house..

  • 8 Mikki yazmış:

    phew.. I’m tired just looking at ll that..
    Sounds like you have been busy and accomplishing a lot!! You go girl!!

  • 9 Rachel Cotterill yazmış:

    I love lists. And I especially love putting easy stuff on lists so that I can start crossing it off sooner 😉 Good luck with getting everything done, and I hope you have a lovely time with your guests.

  • 10 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    Frog and Toad & Amelia Bedelia are my absolute favorites from childhood. They were also the 1st books I bought for my own children!

  • 11 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    You are an amazing woman!!!

    Honestly, though – doesn’t blogging about your cleaning – and taking pics while you clean make your efforts so much more WORTH IT? I just love that!

    Have a blast this weekend! I want to hear all about it on Monday!!!

  • 12 Lindsay yazmış:

    Hi Jenn
    I hope your weekend with your family went well. I enjoyed your post and hearing all about your preparations.

  • 13 Jenn yazmış:

    It’s so much work to prepare for guests…but worth it when it’s all done. Hope you had a great visit!

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