Wordless Wednesday ~ Spring Cold Edition

Thank you Mr. Cottonwood Tree …

I LOVE that Neti Pot … it helps me breathe!!

if you have never tried one …

what is wrong with you?

ya all know I am kidding when I say that, right! =)

seriously ~

Man up ~ be brave ~ use the Neti Pot! =)

and Buckleys

I LOVE Buckleys ~

it is like drinking whiskey straight up

(not that I do that.. just sayin)

It is SO worth the nasty taste and the burning sensation on your throat …

Oh except you can only buy Sweet Mr. Buckley in Canada!

Good thing I have connections in that country! =)

I love Buckleys ~ it helps me sleep.

All my grand Blog Plans for the week ~ are looking modified!

Starting with this post! =)

Go Away stupid cold!


oops I was going to publish at midnight ~
so it is not Wed for another few hours ~ sorry!

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