The Sound of Silence

sh……….. do you hear that?

the birds are chirping

Broken Wing ~ Seizing My Day

(I don’t even want to talk about the fact that MY cat broke that sweet birds wing!!)

*cough – darn cat*

the squirrels are chattering

the dog is snoring

my music is playing

and I can actually hear it all!

uninterrupted !!


On Friday Afternoon

After a doctors appointment (more on that later)

After a vet appointment (more on that later)

I put these 2 little toe-heads in the car

with their daddy (The Superstar!)

who I might point out was still smiling …

What a guy!

and I waved goodbye to them all!

Bub-bye~ have fun camping with Grandma and Grandpa!!

WithOUT me!!!  =)

I love them more than I ever knew my heart could love~

however ~ I NEEDED a weekend at home ~ ALONE!


I never ever in a million years thought I would LOVE time ALONE!!

I am a people person!  =)

Since I started home schooling

my SWEET man gives me weekends Home Alone!!

Bless His Heart !!  Yes ~ I know I am blessed!

There was one small tragedy …

about an hour after they left I found  T-I-G-E-R !!!!!!!!!!

Tiger and Sammy spend very little time apart…   =(

this was bad news!!

I called Sammy b/c I knew he would need a little time to process the bad news

before he got to the camp ground and realized Tiger was not there…

He would have to spend the weekend without Tiger!!

There were tears… but he was a brave little man …

and he sucked it up…

until he got home last night…

Tears of joy and relief when he finally hugged Tiger again last night!

I am teary eyed recalling the moment….

February 2010 Tiger and His Boy

Tiger and his boy have been together 6 years…

it was a long weekend for them.

but I digress…

What on earth did I do for 55 hours you ask ~ with no children in my own house?

Friday Afternoon I caught up on blogging buddies, walked the pooch~ yep still had THAT kid with me ~ and I watched girly movies.

nice. quiet. lovely afternoon and evening.   Alone.  Relaxing!

Saturday *gulp*  I cleaned!!   it HAD to be done!  trust me!

After wearing the pooch out ~ I pulled out the rubber gloves and the bleach, the broom, the vacuum and a dusting cloth!  I love a clean house!  by 5 pm ~ my house was ready to be relaxed  in !!  =)

I invited a few girlfriends over for Saturday night.  Fun fun!

originally we were going to have a Pink Poker night ~

Chick Style!

but I planned it with late notice and we  didn’t have enough gals to play ~ so we sat in the back yard with Margaritas and giggled instead!  perfect.  relaxing.  girl time.  good friends.  Thanks for Coming Jen and Tammy!!  =)  I hope to host a Girls Only Pink Poker party a couple times this summer …  I love to play cards … and I really can’t wait to crack open this new Chick game!  Next time I need to plan with more notice!  I am terrible that way… *sigh*  =)

Tammy from Tammy’s Two Cents was one of my guests… she has become a good friend over the last couple years.  As our girls have played soccer together we began to get to know one another… we  found a lot of common ground.  and our boys enjoy each others company.  our girls enjoy each others company.  We enjoy each others company.  and our husbands even coach soccer together now .  =)    and we are both Bloggers… (Tammy encouraged me to take a leap into this fabulous journey!)  Anyway ~ wouldn’t you know it … 2 bloggers … and NO pictures! My camera was even on the counter!   oh well… I was in relax mode I think!!   It was great to relax with friends and not have to fuss over the kids at all… just the dog a little… =)

Sunday ~ Sunday ~

guess what I did??

Something I rarely do.


I forgot how much I love to read!!

Remember I bought this a while back?

well… I finally got to crack it open…

I have high expectations from this book  =)

after reading a billion blog reviews on it…

You all know who you are!  he he…

this is how far I got ..

and I am NOT disappointed!!

I knew from the title alone that Beth Moore wrote this  book  JUST FOR ME…

You see… I am Sure I am one of those miracles she mentions on page 85.  =)

The one with All of her suggested insecurity roots under my tree…

every single one.  I say with a laugh.

because I live a life like Charlie Brown …

I am keenly aware of my insecurities and some of the roots

painfully aware =)

Now that I am reading the book

I am finally willing to say it outloud to y’all!

I know I  NEED to read this book.  =)

You see My Charlie Brown Life style has beaten me up a bit~

even though God has gifted me with His Spirit in my life … Blessing!

and His joy and Peace in my heart.  Blessing!

and the ability to access humor in all circumstances… Blessing!

But I still have  a LONG way to go baby…

b/c no matter how strong in the Lord I thought I was…

Insecurities have crept in and made themselves cozy

while I was battling some of life’s challenges over the years…

SO … Imagine…

A sunny back yard, coffee, birds chirping, Merlin actually lying down outside…

and me …with my feet up …reading…. tackling my insecurities =)

with Beth Moore’s ~  So Long Insecurities ….



Heaven on Earth.

Reading. All. Day. Long.

(well.. runner up to being at the beach)   =)

I did stop and walk the dog.

and I did bake for an hour *I heart baking*

and I LOVE eating scones… =)

I never follow rules

I break them.

I never follow recipes

I modify them.

Imagine ~ Maple Pecan Scones and Vanilla Bean Scones ~ combined = Yum   =)

OK Confession:  I am afraid of Vanilla Beans.

but I got over myself and I used them for the first time yesterday.

is this what the “caviar” should look like…??  kinda dry??

World Market had them 2 beans for 2.99

Our Fancy local grocery store had 2 beans for 17.99

Guess which ones I bought.

So you vanilla bean experts… what exactly is the inside of the bean like?  wet or dry?

I expected wet… but it was dry?  I guess I could google it.

=)   sorry. I do that. I don’t know where my head is sometimes!


It was So Sad to say goodbye to my Fabulous Relaxing weekend ~

Man did I ever need it  ~  =)

My head has been in the clouds lately… not just being so darn busy…

But My allergies led to that horrible cold I had last week,

the horrible cold led to dizzy dizzy DIZZY!

A girl can’t live all dizzy like that!

Dizzy led to Dr. appointment as noted above

Dr. Appointment = $200. (deductible) ugh! grr…

and for the last few days I have been taking this to clear up

inner ear vertigo ??

Have you ever had inner ear vertigo? or whatever it is called?!!

You are convinced you have a brain tumor.

but you don’t.

anyway ~ the meds don’t seem to be helping all that much.

my head is still spinning.

I can not live like this people!  =)

I have a birthday party to plan this week!

Usually I am planning a good month or two in advance.

very little planning this year folks!  I am in a heap of trouble!=)

My baby…

is turning 8  on Friday!!!

He is hoping for a Fun memorable birthday!

I am going to need more caffeine to make it through the week!

So I will be distracted this week ~

planning all kinds of NERF related fun for a few 8 year old boys…

Mostly for this boy (and his Tiger who will surely be at the party) =)

*I heart this little boy and his tiger* =)


Last but not least… I started my day today taking this dude to the vet.

He has been “favoring” one leg since Thursday…

Friday we had his “glands” squeezed ~ a monthly affair in his life ~

don’t get me started *ugh* grrrrrrrrrr  (see Charlie Brown)

we were hoping MAYBE his full glands were  irritating his nerves in his ‘hind leg’

Not so much ~  he is still “favoring” the leg

so back to the vet went this morning

( just noticed they accidentally charged us for a cat visit …sigh… Charlie Brown)

anyway… $170 later

it is “probably” a sprain

or he bent the nail back and split it away from the skin (ouch)

so we walked away with anti-inflammatory pain meds for 50 bucks!!

and instructions to slowly leash walk ONLY for 2-3 weeks

(that will mentally do me in I swear! )  =)  just sayin!


So what I am trying to say is between me and my dizzy head ~ the dog and his bum leg ~ and a birthday party for my little boy ~ never mind soccer and the last week of school ~ an “egg drop” and girl scout awards…  and selfishly =)  I really REALLY want to finish My book!!

I won’t be around much this week~!  Yikes… sort of a Mini Blogging Break!

Just until Saturday!

I will try to visit a few blogs at least once this week ~ and I hope to see you all on the other side of the week!   I may or may not be planning a wee little surprise ~ wink wink ~ Maybe On the First Day of Summer ~ if I can get it organized by then?? !!   it might be the first week in July??  So ya all come back now ya hear!  See you Saturday!


14 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Cindy yazmış:

    Sounds like a wonderful relaxing weekend…I need one of those!
    Funny you cleaned like crazy FIRST…I would have done the very same thing!
    Enjoy the day and good luck with the party plans!

  • 2 LeAnna yazmış:

    Every Momma needs a weekend home alone! Lovely! I love cooking with vanilla beans, and wish we had a place to get them that cheap here! The inside is somewhat dry and crumbly. Moist enough to stick together in little clumps, and it probably depends on how the beans were packaged. If they get a lot of air it will dry them out more. I can smell them now, love the vanilla bean/maple combo!

  • 3 Julianne yazmış:

    awww poor merlin!!! a friend came over the other night and clyde slipped right out of her arms and limped for about 30 seconds and finally stopped. THANK GOODNESS! It scared me to death. I hate to think anything is wrong with him…Lord what will I do when I have children!!??

  • 4 Steph yazmış:

    Your weekend sounds like a bit of heaven!

  • 5 blueviolet yazmış:

    You needed that restful weekend break to ramp up for this week’s flurry of activities. I love how you chose to spend your downtime (apart from the cleaning, that is.)

  • 6 Lindsay yazmış:

    Hi Jenn
    Sounds like your weekend went well. It’s good to have a break now and then. I loved hearing how you spend your 55 hours kid free!
    Good luck with the birthday/party planning.

  • 7 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    Ahhh…a weekend alone! How blissful! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  • 8 dysfunctional mom yazmış:

    I love silence. I truly love and treasure it. However, after next week when the kids are at their dad’s, I’ll probably be tired of it!
    You have a lot going on, enjoy your well deserved mini break!

  • 9 JAS @ yazmış:

    Your weekend sounds like bliss. Glad you got caught up on your reading, baking, girl time, and soaking in some silence.

    So … you LOVE to clean? Hmm. Wanna come over? Just wondering … ? I’ll provide the wine?

    As for dizzy, been there, it’s tough. And SO GLAD no brain tumor ( : Hope you are feeling better soon.

  • 10 Mrs. Dunbar yazmış:

    Wow, okay I love the idea of a Pink Poker Night. I’ve never used a real vanilla bean before but now I know where to get them. Thanks. And that picture of the your baby… scrumptious. I want one!

  • 11 Mrs. Dunbar yazmış:

    Sorry I hit submit before I was done.

    And I hope you are feeling better. Yikes. My MIL gets vertigo really bad and it just knocks her out. Seriously, prayers are headed your way.

  • 12 Laura yazmış:

    Silence…hmm…I vaguely remember what that is like. 🙂 Sounds like you had a peaceful weekend, that’s awesome! Good luck planning the birthday party, I’m sure it will be perfect!

  • 13 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    Oh my word…that would be a dream come true if hubs let me have weekends to myself. I am with the kids the majority of the time and when he is home I am with them all. That is just awesome that you get me time.
    Our doggie has a bum leg too. I am scared to take her to the vet. We took her a few weeks ago and it got better then she ran into the door and hurt it again.
    Hope your inner ear gets better soon too. No fun.
    Good luck finishing that book too.

  • 14 Lori yazmış:

    A weekend alone sounds like bliss! I would have spent a day cleaning as well. 🙂 And that book looks like a must-read for me. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your blogging break!