Intermission =)

I know I said I was taking a blogging break all week…

This is simply an “intermission” …   =)


it gives me stress

thinking about all the things I will want to post by Saturday

so really this is just a stress release

and boy howdy do I need a stress release

and since I can’t afford a Hot Stone Massage



Photos of Eggstraordinary adventures await

Little Girl designed this Egg Store Den Airy Saver

and filled it with these supplies

she placed an egg inside

and then

she chucked it out a 2nd floor window in our house


oh the anticipation…

Did the egg crack?

can I help you with that pokey little puppy?


is it broken?

I can’t tell…


the suspense is killing me…

oh no … not the lip!

humpty dumpty can NOT be put back together again

with a few changes to the cabin

his Brother Billie Bob Joe  (egg #2)

will fly like an eagle

and soar like a bird

from the same window

did Billie Bob  survive?

now usually Sammy is pretty smart

for his age of 7 years and 364 days  =)

but Sammy… I am gettin worried…

I hope it is not a direct result of you smashing your head at FULL speed

into the edge of the car door yesterday

(be still my heart… don’t ask!)

just know he barely got bruised

and we were SURE it was going to be the worst ER visit we have ever had!

*sigh*   the worries of having a child with low vision

he whacks his head more than the average bear!!  *sigh*

I think he left behind a dent in the car door!

*ahem*  anyhow!!

do you see the stress in her brow ?

she gets that from daddy…

Sadly, it was followed by another pout…

no worries

Take 3

its only 9:10 pm…

we’ve got all night to try this egg saving fun


I feel like I have done this before…

it looks good

did sister Sally crack?


is she ok?

Sister Sally Survived !!!

a 2 story drop in a box full of marshmallows!!


now Go. To. BED!


The next day at school

Little girl eagerly awaits

for her Egg Store Den Airy Saver

to be launched from this bad boy

into the lower soccer field

at lightening speed

uh oh


we did not factor in speed


There she blows


That didn’t happen last night

Marshmallow goo

is a pretty good indication


speed is an important factor to consider

and Sister Sally did not survive !

higher speed = greater force … which =

broken egg ~ it is hard to see (sorry) the Sun was bright!!

The good news is…

Abby did get points for clever name and cute design!!  =)

and there is always next year!

4th and 5th graders get to participate!!

Great Job Little Girl ~

I am  sorry sister Sally didn’t survive the catapult !!


speaking of eggs

I need to get crackin some eggs myself…

I have a rainbow birthday cake to bake!! =)

I have seen this cake baked by a few of you…

if y’all can do it…

so can I!!  =)

Thanks for the inspiration!!

wish me luck!

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