I am not sure which hurts more

My pride

or my hand

that my friends is a bacon grease burn

can you say OUCH!

5 hours later

gallons of cold running water

thousands of frozen peas

fabulous Pain killers

(the kind you  get when you have root canals…lucky me I had 2 recently)

I am currently under the influence of said drugs

but my “pain” is bearable now…

I just have one thing to say about all this …

don’t talk on the phone and fry bacon in a stainless steal pan on med/high simultaneously

just Don’t!!!

in the future I will be “frying” my bacon in this

it is much safer!!


This morning before I hurt my pride hand

I went on my first garage sale adventure of the summer!!

Would you like to see what I found?

books!  I love  books!

I can not attend garage sales

without bringing home books!  =)

$15 for this little cutie!

a little wood glue

a fresh coat of white paint

Hello baby!

and my favorite find…

she is missing a lock and key

but I had to have her

for the low low price of $5.

I want to paint it ~ white ~ =)

but my kids love it as is…

Here is where you I need you  =)   ~ would you paint it?  what color?

and What would you DO with it??   =)

I found a snake for Merlin too…

25 cents for a few hours of entertainment!

I also came home with a few littlest pet shops..

at 50 cents a piece they will also provide hours of entertainment!  =)

I heart garage sales!

Now if you will excuse me…

my fabulous pain killers have worn off

I need to go put the pea pack back on the fire my hand …

my pride hurts less than my hand I think…  =)

this post was mostly typed with my left hand…

one finger at a time….


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  • 1 He & Me + 3 yazmış:

    OMGosh that looks so painful. I hope that it heals quickly. OUCH.
    Love the garage sale finds. That desk is super cute.

  • 2 Stacey yazmış:

    Ouch! I know that hurts! I have done the same thing!
    Those are some cute garage sale finds! I like the chest the way it is, but I think it would look good painted white also.

  • 3 Kim yazmış:

    HOLY COW! That looks SOOOOO painful! You poor thing.

    I am a garage sale lover too. I need to get back out there, but I have too many projects I need to finish before dragging new ones home.

    I’m thinking the box works as is…especially if you have lots of white painted furniture.

  • 4 Genn yazmış:

    OUCH!!! Ouch! Ouch. Oh that must hurt. Be careful! No more phone and bacon in pan for you. I do my bacon in the oven now. I just crumple up some foil so the grease drips down off of the bacon into the sheet below, and then lay the bacon on the foil. It’s much less dangerous! No splattering of grease, and you just throw that foil away and quickly clean your cookie sheet. Try it!

  • 5 Cindy yazmış:

    Ouch…you poor thing!
    Burns are the worst!

    Great finds, LOVE that desk.
    Not sure about the box…either way
    would be great I think…sorry no help!
    Enjoy the day

  • 6 Cindy yazmış:

    Ouch Jenn, those burns are the worst. I am so glad you had your peas. 🙂 Hope by now it is getting some better, and hopefully you will not get blisters. Another ouch!

    Great job on typing your post with one hand. Your so dedicated.

    Great finds at the yard sales. I went yesterday morning too, I came home with a few things but no books, has to be a first for me. I love me some books!

    Hope your having a great weekend.

  • 7 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    We always search the books at sales, too. LOVE that Charlie Brown you found!

    Sorry about your accident. I actually did that exact same thing a couple years ago. It hurt so bad. I’ve kept an aloe plant in the kitchen ever since.

  • 8 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    oh no jenn..that is terrible. hope you are feeling “cooler” soon!

  • 9 Pennie yazmış:

    OH, Jenn…that burn looks OWWWIE! You poor thing! I hope you feel better soon. Yeah for pain killers is all I have to say…

    Angel would have that snake unstuffed in record time. For a 10 pound dog, she is ruthless when it comes to stuffed animals. Ruthless. I hope Merlin keeps the snake around a little longer than the 5 minutes Angel would make it last.

    And as for that BEAUTIFUL $5 box…I agree with your kids…keep as is! I love it!

    I would love to go garage saling with you. HOnestly! how fun!

    I didn’t know you hadn’t gone to the post office yet, and we drove up to our house a few days ago, and we had some blinds delivered to our house, and I saw these HUGE, LONG boxes on our front step. I thought “WHAT DID JENN HAVE SHIPPED?????” Ha! Then I saw “Levelor” stamped across them when I walked up and realized it was our blinds….they looked like skis and I was really scratching my head. Whew! Glad you didn’t think I needed skis. 😉

  • 10 Southern Gal yazmış:

    That looks like it hurts. I’ve been there, done that. Do you know they used to tell you to smear butter on burns? My grandmother would always run to the refrigerator so she could rub butter on any little burn! My husband got me in the habit of running to the ice maker. I hold ice on it until it melts and start again. Still…nothing burns like a burn. Hope you’re feeling better soon – pain meds or not.

  • 11 Kerri yazmış:

    Ouch! Frozen peas are the BEST ice pack! I don’t coo bacon…I ALWAYS burn it. Always. Tuck.
    Better luck next time!
    Stopping in from SITS…
    OH…do NOT paint the chest…especially if it is hardwood!

  • 12 blueviolet yazmış:

    You poor sweetie!! I’m so sorry that you have that burn. It looks and sounds incredibly painful!

    I heart garage sales too, and books are one of my favorite finds of all. You did fabulously well with your treasures!

  • 13 Paige yazmış:

    Thanks for visiting on my SITS day! Hope you have a great week.

  • 14 Tammy yazmış:

    I think Em is going to be selling a bunch of her Littlest Pets so let us know if you want any…not sure of her price but Abby can ask her.

    I say leave it as it…

  • 15 abby yazmış:

    You poor thing! That looks painful! Hopefully it’s feeling better by now. Great garage sale finds! I love the little desk. It will be so cute painted white! And I’m with you on the little chest. I would paint it white. You could maybe even distress it a little to give it a little something extra!

  • 16 naomig yazmış:

    OWIE! I always cook my bacon in the oven… 425 on a cookie sheet (with edges of course!) for about 15-20 minutes. Comes out perfectly, and I don’t have grease spatter all over my kitchen! Great Garage Sale finds!