Wake Up Sunshine

Seriously, last summer this time

Washington did NOT look like this!

I took this photo one day last week …

but it might as well have been today *sigh*

Hello!  it   IS summer

is it not?  =)

Today looks a bit gray …

Maybe Not quite that gray… but certainly not that blue either!~

I suppose I can be thankful for gray weather…

it will help me stay inside and clean …

I mean seriously…

how does he do that


sneaky devil!

what?  did I do something wrong?

how many rolls of toilet paper rolls will we loose before the kids

shut. the. bathroom. DOOR!  =)

I am OK….  it is ok… really…

I wouldn’t vacuum nearly as much as I should

if I didn’t have Merlin!

So I guess it is a blessing that he makes my house messy

encourages me to clean my house more =)

and Bless His Heart ~ he tries really hard to keep us trendy

you see we are not fashion sense folks around here

Without Merlin

we would probably still be wearing clothes from the 80’s

I mean we would NEVER replace our “old” shoes if he didn’t nudge us a bit!

Yep ~ my 1 year old puppy is still stealing and chewing ~ almost daily

One day ~ this too shall pass ~ right?!


please say yes!


So other than keeping up with that dog this weekend

You all know I burned my hand ~ after my garage sale fun

(as posted yesterday)

Thank you for all the comment love

about my pathetic story!  =)

I only needed 2 painkillers ~ offering 12 plus hours of pain relief ~

after the night it felt fine ~yippie!

and the blisters are healing nicely ~

and I will not be frying bacon again anytime soon!!


So ~  I started this post at 8 am today… it is now 11:17 PM …

it has been one of  those days

just as I started my post … a child woke

and then another

and then my sister called while I was in the middle of STRESSING out

trying to plan a wee camping vacation around doggy sitter drama

after a few long phone calls

my sister comes to the rescue ~ Bless you KK!! =)

and just as I thought I could get back to my post

a neighbor with a wee disneyland ticket crisis called

something to do with her already in CA  and the tickets being here =)

leading to an unexpected errand to UPS overnight delivery  for said neighbor

then home for a quick snack before rushing off to soccer

where my hubby is  the new coach ~ Go hubby! (and hubby’s assistant coach!)

where little girl SCORED a goal ~ helping her team win the game!

Way to play hard tonight little soccer superstar girl!!!

against the team where hubby’s supervisor was the other teams coach…

oops =)

I hope he still approves the vacation time we requested!!  ha ha!

anyway …

I am rambling…

this is NOT my most exciting post…

don’t worry…

The Sun will come out “tomorrow” …

bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow…

There’ll be sun!!


Tomorrow I have something exciting to share in my post!

along with some more fun geocaching adventures…

For now I need to do some serious catching up on y’all!

and start booking those KOA campgrounds!

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