Heart Healthy Chocolate Cookies???

Well.. I can not prove it… But….

Maybe they are a little more heart healthy with my changes!

remember I break rules and I don’t follow recipes

I am like that.

Chocolate Heaven on a plate!

don’t forget

… all my photos are being taken ‘blind’…

just sayin.  not the greatest pics…

But for a broken camera… I won’t complain!

So here’s my secret.

Buy the Reese’s Peanut butter chips

you know the one in the orange bag

You can’t miss them they are right next to the chocolate chips!

Flip over the bag

and Magic!  A recipe!  =)

OK .. that wasn’t really my secret

My secret is this


Butter and Flours

and reduce sugar

I use 1/2 the butter and 1/2 lighter bake

When using Lighter bake just read the label on the back

it tells you how much to use per whatever measurement you need

So I use 1/2 the butter and substitute 1/2 the butter with lighter bake

then I add a bit more lighter bake so I can reduce the sugar!

I take away at least 1/3  or 1/2 of the sugar that the recipe calls for!

I take away 1/2 and I use brown sugar

I am weird that way!

OH… and When tossing in the eggs… I also leave out one yoke!

every little bit helps right?

then  I mixed all the wet ingredients

like this

and then you are ready for these

So the Reese’s recipe calls for all purpose flour

I use mostly oat flour and whole wheat white flour..

I might put in a 1/3 of a cup of all purpose white.

I have been tossing in two table spoons of ground flax seed also!

My heart loves me for it!

and I happen to have DARK chocolate powder right now

I can not tell you if it is better for you or not..

but it does offer a rich dark chocolate flavor if you like dark chocolate!

SO mix up the dry stuff in a little food processor or something!

Oops!  Don’t forget these ingredients in the wet mixture!

This is my Favorite part!!  YUM!

sweet chippys

eat a few right out of the bowl

they taste better that way!

The SAD truth

I cut the amount of chips in 1/2 also!

Reducing sugar folks! I am trying to trim the fat! 😉

For those of you who said I don’t have fat on my middle…

Thank you… but you are wrong… it IS fat!

and it IS contributing to my high cholesterol!!  BAD fat!!

Go away!


So there you have it.

I didn’t write out the recipe b/c it is on the bag!

and it really is simple to switch to healthy flours

and I LOVE lighter bake!

Love it!

but a girl needs a little butter in her life!

things just don’t taste right with out SOME!


if ya all want me to… I will type it up…

just comment you want me to stop being so dang lazy

and I will happily send it to you altered in black and white type!

I have been baking these cookies since I was a girl

I was about my daughters age…

WHAT?!   *sigh*

I didn’t reduce or substitute anything back then

I probably doubled the sugar intake actually!

**did I confess that outloud?**

they are still one of my favorite cookies!!

You can’t go wrong with Chocolate and Peanut butter!

Heck… throw in some Recess Pieces…

Now THAT really is Heaven on a plate!

I just didn’t have any on hand!

I would chop pecans and toss them in too…

except  my family are not NUTS about them!


Go Now… Bake yourself some Chocolate Cookies…

They are good for ya!!

(I think)

Happy Bakin y’all!


PS  Swim Lessons and end of summer play dates have kept me crazy busy

Thus keeping  me in the  lazy blogger mode

and Truth be told

I am having 2 teeth pulled on Friday

So if I don’t post for a few more days

Just remember

You still have all your teeth, mkay!?!!


I love my life, I love my life, I love my life.

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