In Summer of 2005

we did a little patio painting

don’t worry it was washable paint

our landlord would have come unglued had he seen us  =)

we didn’t even own a  home yet!

5 years ago We picked flowers

with the help of our trusty tricycles!   =)


We climbed trees.

with the help of our trusty tricycles

(which you can not see in this pic! *sigh*)

But we weren’t sure we liked climbing trees.

In the summer of 2005 we also did a little

Singin in the “Rain” with our Dora & Caillou  umbrellas

Oh how I miss those days when they were smaller =)

and my baby used to dig in the dirt

and he was still wearing a diaper!   =)

at a 4th of July Picnic that year

all the kids rode horses

Little girl LOVED horses back then

the summer before she started kindergarten!!  (sniff)

Sammy was not so sure about this!

I can’t believe how little they were 5 years ago!!

Abby was just learning to ride with training wheels!

Little boy was so cute on his Hot Wheels

He was only 3 back then!!

Oh my how they have grown in 5 years!

Why on earth am I posting about summer of 2005?

You see…

I NEEDED a certain picture from around then…

but you will have to wait until Sept 8th to see it!

I’ll explain then!

So for now you get to reminisce (sp?) with me!!

I love looking at old pictures

that wonderful tug on your heart

remember sweet days of their childhood..


I love my ‘older babies’ …

but I miss those days too!

*sigh*  =)

I am going to go snuggle my babies now!

What were you doing 5 years ago??  =)


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  • 1 Julie yazmış:

    Ah…a little walk down memory lane. They are so edible when they are little..aren’t they!!

  • 2 dysfunctionalmom yazmış:

    What a cool look back in time!
    5 years ago….I was a newlywed. John and I got married in April of 2005. =)

  • 3 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    a bit of a walk down memory lane is always fun. All my pictures of 5 years ago were of the building the house we live in. We didn’t have any kiddos yet so the big excitement in our life was building our first house together

  • 4 the Chicken Wrangler yazmış:

    Wonderful memories, great photos! Thanks for sharing them!

  • 5 Julianne yazmış:

    wow! I was finishing college and about dating my hubby–simpler times for sure.

  • 6 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    5 years ago, we had just moved to this area – renting a place in Houlton (near Hudson, where we live). We bought land where we planned to build a house (never built it, but still own the land…). We still hadn’t sold our house in Eau Claire, and while taking a tree stand down in the woods on our property in EC, Mike fell out of the tree and shattered one leg and broke the other ankle. We had to promptly move from said rental in Houlton to another rental with NO STAIRS where a hostpital bed was delivered. After Mike spent a few weeks at a surgical center in EC, I transported him (carefully) to our new home – after moving us – to his hospital bed where he stayed for months and months in our living room.

    I’m glad it’s not 5 years ago. That is just where I was this weekend 5 years ago…it got worse from there all the way through December!!!! Ugh! MS is nothing compared to that year!!!! Our 2006 New Year’s party was a happy ushering out of 2005 and ushering in a NEW YEAR – yee-hah!

  • 7 Jen Gacek yazmış:

    Awww…that is so sweet. I love those pictures. Your kids are so cute!

    5 years ago, I was pregnant with our first child and we moved into our current house. Wow, amazing to think what has happened since then!

  • 8 kim yazmış:

    I’m always amazed at how much they change even 1 year later. Looking at old pictures always makes me slightly sad and reminiscent too.

  • 9 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    Awww…so sweet…and I know what you mean about them being little.

    I’m pretty sure you never get used to that!

  • 10 liz yazmış:

    my oldest isn’t 5 yet, so i can’t really fathom looking back 5 years at my kids yet!

  • 11 Amy yazmış:

    Cute photos. Five years ago I just graduated from college started an new job. Then met my husband and moved away to another state and bought a house and starting planning my wedding. Wow how fast time does fly by.. Have a great day..

  • 12 naomig yazmış:

    Cute! 🙂 Five years ago I had a one year old, and was three months away from delivering a second baby. That was three houses ago. I’m 28, and I’ve owned a total of three houses. Is that a lot?! Seems like it to me. I always get lost anytime I start going through old photos.

  • 13 H-Mama @ Family Team yazmış:

    Awwww… It goes too quickly, doesn’t it? Precious!!

  • 14 KK yazmış:

    Building a STONE wall….remember that? I forget how little they were!!!