E is for


Speaking of Eggs

Have you ever done this with an egg?

I have always heard you can do this on winter solstice

I was SO excited that  I actually managed to do it!!

E is for Elephant

This was the baby Elephant born in Seattle

this pic is from a couple years ago

sadly …

this baby elephant did not live a long life…

Speaking of elephants

My sweet hubby rescued an elephant

in our neighborhood today

we will post a sign at the mailboxes

and try to find the sad little owner!

oddly enough…

this is our 2nd Elephant rescue

the other was when our kids were tiny wee ones…

that elephant was a New TY Beanie Buddy

lost in the park…

He became a part of our home…

nobody ever claimed him!!

Stuffed Elephant Rescue team at your service!  =)

too funny!


E is for


and Elk babies

E is for Eyes


Eye glasses

Such a flattering picture of me, don’t ya think?!

those eyebrows need some wax

if you know what I mean!

don’t laugh!

Last but not least

E is for

my Engagement Ring

(on a very wrinkly hand)

Yikes!!!   Never mind that it needs to be cleaned!

something Else to add to my to do list!

Have an Excellent day!


E is for the Alphabet Challenge brought to you by

Barb Phillips

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