Teachers Art Assistant

My art skills make kids happy
I am ok with that.

Next week I get to teach my daughters class
to make this fun Fall Leaf Art project
with pressed leaves and collage podge
I found the idea in a Sunset magazine from 2007

I didn’t follow the “rules”
when I made my examples
I never do. =)
Sunset magazine used color photocopies of leaves
I used real leaves!

it is really easy
first press leaves
next collage podge them onto cardstock
viola! Fall Leaf Art!

Canvas would be fabulous!!!
too expensive for public school art projects!! ha ha
to prevent warping I taped the cardstock down to the counter
while they dried!

I might be tempted to make one or two on canvas…
or have my kiddos make them on canvas??
They are growing on me…
I like them.

I think the kids in my little girls class will be proud
to take home this beautiful art to their mamas.

just curious…
Would you hang these in your house as art?
or would call it “kid art”?
and only hang it if your kid brought it home??
maybe I should ask this question after I try it on canvas???

I think I have officially embraced Fall now.
The leaves get me every time!

Have a great weekend!

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