Finishing what I start

seriously it takes me so long to finish what I start!

I swear I should be living in Hawaii…

where the world is “more relaxed”  … right?!

Yep… I am going to go with that!

So anyways…

I start projects (or blog posts) all the time…

and take months to finish them. or I start something else and put it on the “shelf”. or I just never finish them and they end up at the good will. it is shameful how many rooms in my house have one coat of paint! or the sheets that are now permanent curtains b/c I never managed to tackle that “project”.  Shameful!

SO… in light of the said above confession.

I have had it with myself.

Time to Finish What I Start.  the end. I mean period.

Remember this?

From THIS POST..??

So … I am not completely happy with the finished product…

it didn’t meet my expectations!

Alas… I refer to a favorite quote…

“When all else fails…Lower your expectations! ”

Given what those letters spell …

I will splain Lucy…

so yes… I am going the “unfriendly” home owner route…

I just couldn’t take it anymore…

the chem dry carpet people…

the gardeners…

the political agenda folks…

the ENTIRE high school football team…

*sigh*  I had to take matters into my own hands! =)

Moving on… another project I started…

Remember this?

from this SAME POST?

Well.. anyway… a few weeks later…

it is finally finished…


it kinda needs a 4 or 5th coat… ??

It was my momma’s sewing stool…

emotional project…

so I am still adjusting…

I think I like it…

it is Fresh


I am trying to own it….

It is MY stool now.    =)

here is the fabric close-up.  I like it.   I think.

and then there was the day last week

that I taught my daughters class – remember I told you all

I was going to do that?  and I never told ya how it went.

I do that… forget to finish my own sentences sometimes!  =)

So here is the FULL story.

I offered to “help with art” on teacher curriculum night

and then I realized at our Fall conference

that what I had really offered to do

was TEACH art to the whole class… All at once. YIKES!

I don’t do that. nope. no way. not me. thankyouverymuch.

Guess what I did last week.   =)

I overcame the fear of standing in front of a whole class

I walked them little 5th graders through a fall leaf art project

all 26 of them.

with a projector and all…

Standing up front

with the white board behind me

(scary times for chickens like me) ha ha

and I did just fine!

I guess I also showed my little shy Abby it is good to “just do it”

Tackling my fears and Enjoy the moment even if it is scary!  ha ha!

All 26 pieces of art were beautifully unique

I even witnessed very proud little faces

with huge smiles…

which made the whole experience worth it!


The kids didn’t seem to notice my red neck (ha ha) or my red face…

The student teacher even said she was impressed and took notes..

b/c I had a good “grip” on the not so good at listening to the teacher kids!

HA!   (that would be the ~ hey I am a mom don’t mess with me attitude!)

*ahem*  moving on…

So there you have it…

I am slowly Tackling and finishing things I start…

My new goal is to paint the second coat on all the colorful rooms in my house…

and maybe even hang real wall art!

or a head board

or  hang a mirror  in my downstairs bathroom again (finally)!!!

(shush sister… not a word!!)

For now I will be happy I have finished a few things I started.. including but not limited to crafty projects around the house  … all the way to standing up to my stupid offers fears and teaching a whole class new tricks… he he…

and yes… I did offer to do it again…

fine. the truth.

so I actually had fun teaching a whole class.

art.  for a half an hour.  (easy sneezy) 😉

Oh … and remember this guy …

I’m still workin on him!!  =)

and now

I am going to FINISH a Beth Moore book I started this summer!!!

*sigh*  hopeless I tell you!~

hopeless.  =)

13 Responses | Add your Own

  • 1 Lori@ Teacher Turned Mommy yazmış:

    the more things you accomplish the more you want to accomplish. It is easier when you have less going on, but as mothers when do we ever have less going on??

  • 2 Julianne Hendrickson yazmış:

    hehe, sweet merlin. Love the stool…such cute fabric! You did a great job 🙂

  • 3 Darcie yazmış:

    I am lovin’ that stool too! Sometimes it takes a while to create a masterpiece…or that would be the theory I would go with. 😉

  • 4 Jules yazmış:

    I think I have the same disease as you……

  • 5 Heather@myeverydaygraces yazmış:

    Bravo! Being able to check off items on the list is so gratifying… sometimes I will write them on the list even if they’re done just so I can draw a line through it!

    The stool turned out beautifully and what a fun thing to help in your daughter’s class! You are one busy mama, keep it up:)

  • 6 Genn yazmış:

    Oh my, finish what you start…. I have about 6 different things going on right now. Yikes!

    Love the new sign for solicitors, it is nice, yet gets your point across.

    Great job on the ottoman/stool. It looks great!

  • 7 Dina @ 4 Lettre Words yazmış:

    You’ve been so busy! Love how the little stool turned out.

  • 8 Julie yazmış:

    Wow…proud of you for taking on the art project…I would have been peeing my pants!!

    So…you are just a multi tasker…that’s great you know..OWN IT!!

    The other night my hubs pointed out to me that I had read in 3 different books in one evening…and completely different topics at that…

    The gift of Dyslexia
    Lightroom 2
    Pagan Christianity

    How’s that for variety…and yes…my brain has no problem adjusting! ha ha

  • 9 Robin yazmış:

    We must be long lost sisters! Procrastination is my middle name!

    By the way, everything turned out great!


  • 10 Pennie at Mom Thoughts yazmış:

    Oh – I love the stool, Jenn! Bravo!

    What Beth Moore book you reading? Is it her latest one about insecurity? I heard that one was good. I haven’t read that one yet,..

  • 11 Mrs. Dunbar yazmış:

    I always loved when moms would come in and lead a project. Way to go for you!!! I’m sure the teacher was very grateful.

  • 12 liz yazmış:

    I really, really, really like the No Soliciting Scrabble message!

  • 13 KK yazmış:

    The stool looks great! Very YOU! It’s going to look even better when the paint starts to get a little chippy. Nice Job. Now you should paint the clock and own that too. (HEeeheEE)