Brought to you by the Letter … G

G.  g.


this “hardy” gardenia didn’t bloom all summer….

what on earth is it doing NOW?  cold. wet. October.


G. g.


Have you ever seen this book??

Funny!  My kids love it!  still.  they are 10 and 8.  =)

Well… ok… the 8 year old still loves it.

crazy things happen to that giraffe and a half…

G. g.


not a bad close up for a broken camera… ha ha

now this one…


so I played with it…

now it looks kinda “artistic”…

I might like it better … do you?

kinda.   or not.   ??    =)

G. g.

more grapes

again… if my camera was not broken

and I could find the macro setting…

this could have been a really cool shot!

(dang.g.g.g.g.!!) =)

G. g.


Giant Goat.

ok maybe not Giant.

but he was big!

and greedy…  ha ha ha

G. g.

Grinning Girl

playinG card Games

I love that she loves Games!!

She is a Game Girl like her mama!!

G. g.

Game over.

Gimmie a break!!

GUESS who won!  ??

ah ha ha ha ha

she was kidding …

very funny moment!


G. g.


50% Canadian!

Sammy wanted to change his shirt to reflect that…

see how it says 100%.  =)

Upon receiving his new shirt He said…

“mommy I am not 100% Canadian!”

he is very literal sometimes!



I have had my Letter fun.

Good day mates!


if you want to play along with this Fun Weekly photography challenge

please visit Barb Phillips … she’ll explain every thing!  =)

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