Photo challenges = Fun

Lately I have been playing a bit more in the land of blog … and participating in photo challenges… though my camera has some challenges all on its own… it makes the photo challenges all that much more um… challenging.

This is the first week I am entering into the  Scavenger Hunt Sundays hosted by Ashley Sisk…  she gives you a list of 5 things to go out into the world and snap for the week… and then on Sundays you report back with the fun you have had photographing the things on the list!  Fun!!   without further ado… this weeks list:

1.  Boo

2.  Black

3.  Texture

4.  Wet

5.  Language

You will need a little history for my first photo…
This skiddish stray/lost dog is roaming our neighborhood this week.
After a few days of trying to catch him myself…
and hearing neighbors tales of trying to catch him…
I realized I could “catch” him on film
and post it on Craigslist hoping the owner will come catch him!!!

and he happened to put on this adorable show for me!!  =)

as I was taking a few pics of him…

I guess I scared him!

1.  BOO!

sorry buddy… I didn’t mean to scare you like that!

I know I am stretching the Boo picture… it was all I could come up with!

never mind the shots are not exactly quality shots either…=)

moving on…

2.  Black

Nana  doesn’t get nearly the attention she deserves around our home anymore… well… unless you count Merlin’s torture attention… it is not entirely all our faults… she is not exactly the most affectionate cat.   But we love her all the same!  I love the Fall leaves in the window in this shot!  =)

3.  Texture

I am not sure HOW on earth my broken camera managed to capture some texture detail in this shot… but I was pleased… I did use “I am feeling Lucky” in our Picasa edits!  =)  There is a sad story with this pumpkin… my kids used markers on our pumpkins this year… instead of carving… and Abby made a pumpkin for her lost kitty… Nelly.   Who has been missing since April!!!  *sigh*  Sweet girl… heartbreaking … she does not express it often or emotionally… but my girl misses her kitty SO much!  Nelly was our affectionate kitty.  We DO miss you Nelly!

moving on again…

4.  Wet

This one could have easily passed for texture too… but it was one of my favorite Wet picks from the week… mind you… it kills me that if I could only put my camera on Macro… there could have been some Amazing shots on my little wet leaf photo shoot!

(for those of you who don’t know… I dropped my Nikon Coolpix L100 this summer and shattered the LCD screen… so I can take pictures… I just have no ability to SEE what I am taking, I don’t  know if it is in focus and I can’t change the settings anymore… but I CAN take pictures… small blessing…it is now my POINT and PRAY camera!  it was not super fancy… but it was a fancy snap and shot… and it was only 9 months old!!!   *sigh*)

moving on… again!

5.  Language

So again… quality not so great… I did have a lovely old book photo I was going to share… but I could not resist putting in a story my son wrote this week … about the scared stray dog pictured above!  A photo of a story… written by my son… A  direct result of me teaching Sammy Language Arts… Rewarding!!  =)  That is my paycheck at the end of the day!   (too bad it doesn’t involve cash… ha ha)

for the record… it is WAY past bedtime … and well… I spelled language wrong and almost didn’t catch it… with the handy dandy red line under it… gotta love auto spell check… anyway… I almost left it spelled incorrectly to make y’all laugh at me … for being proud of teaching Language Arts!!  ha ha!


If you love to take pictures…

stop by Ashley’s blog and get the list for next week!

Thanks for hosting a fun challenge Ashley… it inspires me to play with my challenging camera and enjoy my week through my lens!  =)

Tomorrow I will be posting my Alphabet Challenge Photos … brought to you by the Letter “I”  … I found SO many “interesting” things to photograph… I am having a hard time narrowing them down!  =)

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