The way “I” see It


how many rulers does one family need?  =)

One inch


You know I have to say it…  I am So IMPRESSED with my broken camera

taking a decent close up shot… blind and without the macro setting

little blessings.   ha ha.

Igloo plus a few characters and a good sense of Imagination

equals Hours of Entertainment!

do you all know Club Penguin?

We love Club Penguin… it deserves its own post one day soon!!

After taking a few pics of toys this week…

Christmas is coming soon..

I am thinking a Favorite toys from Christmas pasts ~ post!!

Be looking for it soon!

Maybe you will be Inspired to buy a featured toy for a child!??!

Club Penguin included! =)

anyway… back to the letter “I” …


for yummy cookies that I made this weekend

notice the pumpkin… I can not stop!!

please don’t take away my canned pumpkin…ha ha!

I will fill you in on the recipe details tomorrow or the next day!


incredible views

I love Olympia ~ it really is a beautiful city!

Mt Rainer can be seen from many locations in Olympia.

this view is from the new dog park 5 minutes from our house!

insert happy grin here.

interesting views

A Postcard from The State of Illinois

for our postcard project

which has been severely overlooked since June!!  =) 

A Fabulous  geography project we need to finish this Fall/Winter!

We are attempting to collect all 50 states and all Canadian provinces ..  Sammy is learning facts and locations of each state and national landmarks as the postcards arrive.  It has been a fabulous Geography project for my little home schooler!~   here is a sneak peak of our map so far!

if you will notice Indiana and Iowa are still missing …

so I couldn’t put them in my “I” post today!!  ha ha!

If you happen to notice your state without a post card…

and you want to help a little boy fill his Map…

please let me know in the comment section and we can email about it!!

I will do a blog post soon… but… while I am on the subject…

For those of you that HAVE sent in postcards since my last update… My public Thank you is WAY over due!!  forgive me?! I will link you up in my “back to school postcard update” … which is obviously WAY over due!!  Since Back to school is long gone!!  yIkes!!  *sigh*  Oh to be perfectly on the ball with things!!  ha ha!~

One day I would love to have pages on my blog…Pioneer Woman style…

she is Intelligent ya know!!

a recipe page

a photography page

a home school page

a home/decor/crafty

a babble page

that way y’all can chose your favorite topic and ignore the parts you are not interested in!   Mind you IMAGINE having to fill all those pages regularly!!  I can barely keep up with one page!!   =)

Alright… speaking of intelligent…

If I were that smart I would be in bed right now!!

See ya in the mornin!

Have an Interesting Day!


The Letter I was inspired by Barb

(and brought to you by me of course!)

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