Monday Monday

After a long busy weekend away visiting family…

a little late… however …. I managed to join Ashley’s

1.  Self Portrait


after too many hours in the car this weekend

and not enough sleep

2.  Handmade

by my baby

The Best Fall Art

3.  Orange

be still my heart

sweet puppy

(trying hard to NOT hear him wrestling the poor cat on the stairs right now)

4.  Candle

The Candle holder is Handmade

from my precious little girl

5.  Traffic Signs or Signals

ho ho ho


Thanks for the directions Santa.

one bonus picture so you can try to guess where I went this weekend!

the clue is very sly…


ha ha

I’ll be coming round in a few hours to say “hi”

Until then… Top of the Morning to you!  =)

If you like this fun photography hunt … and you are interested in seeing more interpretations go visit Ashely’s blog by clicking on that button above!  or if you want to join the fun next week… click on the same button!!  =)

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